We had the good fortune of connecting with Shelley Treadaway and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Shelley , would love to get a better understanding of the role tech plays in your industry?
Technology plays a HUGE role in my business, now more than ever! I have been working remote for my entire freelance/consulting career, so the “stay home” life is not foreign to me! When I talk to clients or attend meetings I use ZOOM, Skype and FaceTime. Technology has made my business reachable from one city to the next, as well as from one country to the next! I’ve had conversations with clients down the road and have taken business calls in my hotel room in China via ZOOM without any issues at all. Technology is a huge blessing in my industry! Google has been a huge help in a virtual working space as well. Google Docs and Sheets provide an incredible opportunity to collaborate, live edit, and cross-reference any group work that is being done without feeling micromanaged. There are also amazing platforms like Monday, Asana, and Slack that make a world of difference for virtual collaboration. All in all, as long as I have a laptop, I can work from anywhere! I am so grateful for technology in my business. Without it, I’d be stuck in an office and that is NOT my style!

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
The Creative Scoop is a virtual business dedicated to providing writing services, branding services, and marketing services to companies, brands, and businesses domestically and abroad. I have worked in this industry for 8 years! A key and critical component to successful marketing is effective copywriting. Many digital marketing firms and companies LACK the personal, emotional, and detail-oriented copy that is needed to attract and KEEP an audience. In my opinion, the slow death of a company or brand is a direct result of poor branding strategies and disjointed content creation. Strong, influential and effective marketing stems from creating a strong message to an audience that is both emotional and transparent. Perfection is wildly overrated. An audience wants to see REAL people and REAL companies that admit faults, solve problems, and open their arms to their customer base. I am especially proud of the constant growth and development my company has taken. Marketing is a space that is always changing and adapting to new technologies, social platforms, rules and restrictions. It is important to continue to stay updated with the changing professional space with marketing and copy alike. I want the world to know that my approach to marketing is INDIVIDUALIZED. It is not blanket marketing or static Shutterstock photos with short and trendy captions. When we work together, I get to know your personality, company, and brand. Only then do I introduce methods and strategies in marketing to build an audience or create content that supports your business goals.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
Phoenix is my JAM! I absolutely LOVE everything about this city. Where else can you go hiking in December in a tank top and shorts? Here is what a day would look like: Morning: Take a hike! Tom’s Thumb, Hidden Valley via Mormon Trail South Mountain, and the iconic Camelback Mountain preserve are some of the best and most favored in our city. Brunch: Who doesn’t love a good brunch? One of my favorite spots for coffee and avocado toast is Maverick Coffee. For a wider reach, The Ivy Mediterranean in Chandler, Arizona has an incredible patio with delicious mimosas and brunch options for the entire family. Shopping: Shop Downtown Phoenix and support small. I am a huge champion for shopping small and downtown you are able to easily find some great stores like Frances where local Phoenicians pour their blood, sweat, and tears into their products. Browse the downtown murals and take some great photos with colorful backdrops that are famous little hot spots for photos and selfies. Dinner: What could be better than Tacos and Margs? Joyride Taco House is a fabulous restaurant that serves some of the best tacos in Phoenix! They have some incredible margaritas and food.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Family: My family deserves my first and most important shoutout! My children (2 going on 3) serve as my WHY for my industry. They are the reason I work creatively, hard, and constantly expand my own knowledge within my industry so I can learn, grow, and eventually teach them what I know down to them. I want to create opportunities for my children that I had as a child and beyond. My husband is my second family shout out because he holds down the fort just as hard as I do. Truly, we are a 50/50 team. Domestic and professional equality runs our household. Without it, we’d sink vs. swim! Mentors: Tony Robbins! From personal development to professional development, to me, he is the KING of a growth mindset in all areas of life.

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