Never give up. It’s advice that is thrown around daily – but is it always right? We asked some folks we admire about their thoughts around how to know when to give up and when to keep trying

Barbara Thompson | Author & Entrepreneur

The name of our business is called The House of Dreamz. When a person has a dream inside of them it is constantly with them in thought or action. I can’t imagine giving up because it’s a part of me. I know that my writing is what I was called to do. It is my gift and talent. I writes books, to be exact I have written eight. I have never had a best seller or sold a million copies yet. But it is my passion, I continue to write because there is a message in my writing. I also enjoy what I do, it brings great fulfillment. Read more>>

Jenna Devine | Hairstylist

To me, giving up is never an option. Personally, i’m super hard on myself and in the past, i used to breakdown over silly mistakes. But it’s those silly mistakes that make you reflect back and determine what could’ve done better. From there, apply it better next time. Read more>>

Ani Agassi | Video director/producer/editor, photographer and a designer

Success naturally comes when we take our craft seriously and work on ourselves consistently. On the other hand, most of us experience failures more often than not. This is when one of the most painful and emotionally paralyzing question arises – do I keep going or do I give up? The reality is that no one can give us the answer. Asking for advice is great, but sometimes someone else’s opinion can cause more confusion. Read more>>

Neha Mangipudi | Actress, Model, Singer, Fitness Trainer, and Model/Acting Instructor

Giving up is such a common solution, because it’s the easiest solution. Today’s society grew into staying in the comfortable zone. Not taking challenges, not going above and beyond, taking risks, doing the hard work to achieve success. Nothing in this world comes easy. Relationships, family, jobs, school, life itself, living in a society with a limit. If there’s something that interested me just a bit and I don’t see it in my future, trying it for a while would be no problem. But if there’s something I want badly to the point where I get emotional just thinking about it. Quitting isn’t even an option. Read more>>