Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Gina Ferrari | Mom, Wife, Home Chef and Gardener, Yoga Teacher

Hi there, I’m Gina an AZ native, wife, and mother of two. Six years ago, life was feeling out of control with my son and all the challenges we were facing. We sought out much help and guidance. Soon it became clear that he had ADHD and was on the Spectrum. The research and experts kept pointing us to changing our diet to organic foods and removing foods with dyes, chemicals, and GMO’s. It wasn’t easy and took slow consistent changes. As I worked my way through, adjusting the way I shopped and cooked, I realized that even the garlic salt I loved using had GMO’s in it. Read more>>

Shelby Valentine | Holistic Health Coach & Intuitive Energy Healer

My coaching focuses on self healing and self love. The only chance we have to heal the world is to turn inward, face our shadows, trauma, and darkness, and transmute our pain into purpose. I walk my clients through the depths of their experiences with body and food trauma & drama so that they can live a more embodied, alive, fulfilled, & aligned life. Read more>>

Sarah Castillo | Breastmilk Jewelry Artist

My business is supporting fellow Mother’s in their breastfeeding journey. By making jewelry from their breastmilk, Ive created a way for them to celebrate the hard work and dedication that goes into breastfeeding their little one! Read more>>

Yana Gueye | Ritual Light Founder

Ritual light was founded with a mission to help women transform their routines into self-care rituals with a deeper purpose, to achieve a balance of the mind, body, and soul. Our approach to wellbeing is a balanced dance between natural physical self-care and mental/emotional/spiritual self-care. We believe that the different aspects of wellbeing are intimately connected so we don’t just sell natural products we provide tools and guides for a balanced transformation. Read more>>

Shawn Gill | CPA & owner of

My company helps individuals and small businesses take care of their accounting through services such as bookkeeping, payroll, tax, and consulting. These things can be very complex and challenging for the average person, but we have the experience and expertise to lift that burden from our clients. We do all the work for our customers so they can save time and money and use those resources to live more fulfilling lives and invest in their community. I believe that small businesses are the backbone of any community and the benefit of helping them out trickles down to everyone else! Read more>>

Dennis Goldsmith | Owner and Instructor

Ganbare Shotokan Karate of Prescott helps the community in a myriad of ways: we promote physical and mental health, stimulating the mind and body by teaching a traditional Japanese martial art. We empower members of our community by instilling in them self-confidence and teaching them how to protect themselves and their loved ones. We also foster a sense of community and camaraderie as we push each other to excel in and out of the dojo. Read more>>

Kimberly Haugen | Losing to Parkinson’s, but giving to the world.

I started my Etsy business so I could help my Dad. My mom passed away on January 27th, 2020. My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in September 2019 and with the stress of losing his wife of 47 years, his Parkinson’s progressed very fast. In April 2020, I quit my job and moved in with him to be his full time caregiver. I had no income, and I have always enjoyed being creative, so I thought I would try to earn a bit of income by starting up an online business. I started out by designing T-shirts and baby clothes, but have since expanded to backpacks and sportswear. When I get a create idea for a product, I add it to my store. Read more>>

Ashleigh Westenhoff | Somatic Coach and Dancer

Somatic Coaching is something I never considered doing. I was in the middle of getting my Masters in Mental Health Counseling when I realized that there was something missing for me–I felt very restricted in the ways I could use my healing gifts to help people. I have been a dancer my entire life and have seen firsthand how life changing somatic practices can be. Somatic Coaching helps us all to become more liberated in our bodies, and heal our nervous systems so that we are able to function with peace towards ourselves and the world around us. Read more>>

Linda Feltner | Artist, Educator & Interpretive Specialist

My career has brought art and illustration to a broad audience with an array of exhibits in parks, trails, and visitor centers. Local and international visitors are inspired to consider the complexity of life on earth and awaken curiosity and invite questions. Art can make connections where text cannot. Combining both strengthens our ability to reach a wider audience. The national parks and monuments have thousands of visitors that may gaze in wonder at scenic grandeur or contemplate a motionless pool, where life teems below the water. Read more>>

Lindsey Gardner-Penner | Mental Health Consultant and Certified Wellness Coach

Short answer: I want to leave people and the world better than I found them. Full answer: I want to help change the way we talk about mental health, normalize feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, depression, etc. These are all normal human responses to stress, triggering events, and uncertainty. No one should feel shame about their mental health struggles. There are tools out there that can help you regulate and manage negative emotions and there are also tools out there that can help to heal completely from unwanted emotions and limiting beliefs – usually stored deep in our subconscious part of our brains from past events and traumas from when we were younger. Read more>>

Jacqueline Vigil | Content Creator & Blogger

I started my blog to honor myself and my community. Being so focused on the state of the world (climate change) brought a lot of stress and worry. It seemed like all the news was sharing was detrimental. I know I’m doing my part to lessen my carbon-footprint but I wanted to take it a step further. I wanted to encourage this lifestyle to others without forcing it down their throat. So, I figured the best approach would to be to lead by example. Through my social platforms and my blog I’m able to share the food I create, the sustainable products I use, and to share new information as I learn it. Read more>>

Jessie Fiedler | Owner/Artist/Muse

I started my brand, Shark Harbor Sunset, as an homage to where I grew up; Catalina Island, California. Shark Harbor is on the backside of the Island, and utterly peaceful. SHS’’s mission is simple— Connecting others by connecting with others. Through Photography, Networking, Promotion, Artwork/Song, Technology, and Advocacy, our company provides support in profound ways. Read more>>