Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Jen Pace Duran | Designer & Illustrator

It has always been my mission to work with passion-fueled and purpose-led brands and people. It is all about providing brand identities, patterns, and illustrations that look great and do good (and an emphasis on the do good part). For over the last 11 years, I have worked with various nonprofits, businesses, and people who impact the world. I’ve collaborated on design projects for national nonprofits such as Boys & Girls Clubs, 4-H, and ALS. I have had the opportunity to rebrand a gun safety advocacy group and several women’s rights organizations. I created the brand design for a social impact strategist and philanthropist as well as designing the cover of her just-released best selling book that shares the stories of social change warriors who have beaten the odds to stand up for what they believe in and lift others. Read more>>

Alfred Trujillo | Comic Book Artist and Writer, Guitarist, Songwriter & Photographer

The comic book industry is going through a massive change and independent comics have definitely come into the forefront in a time when corporate comics have taken a step back. Happy to be here for the fans! Read more>>

Dave Brown | Nonprofit Leader & Community Change Agent

Valley Leadership focuses on building strong leaders to work together to get more done for Arizona. We start by giving people the tools they need to make an impact in the community. Then, we put them to work in our Impact Maker – a network of Valley Leadership alumni along with community organizations and champions who are committed to tackling the greatest challenges we face, like education and health, and ultimately creating long-term, systemic change. The Impact Maker is new, but already making progress on a number fronts across the Valley. Read more>>

Erin McNamara

Purple Lotus Productions offers a large variety of products, services, workshops and events to help people in the open-minded community on their Mind – Body – Spirit journey. Our Affirmation products provide a way for people to put attention on the things they wish to change in their lives. It helps them to explore their true feelings and desires and empowers them to take action even while asking for help from their own higher power. Our services offer guidance and insight through readings and spiritual counseling or past life exploration as well as Reiki energy healing in person or distance healing. The counseling and healing help people by effecting change emotionally, physically and spiritually. Classes and workshops share information in an easily understood way to those that are exploring alternative to mainstream thinking and behaviors. Read more>>

Karen Willes | Ceramic Teacher & Studio Owner

Painting ceramics has always been a very relaxing hobby. Each time one creates a beautiful piece, it gives them pleasure each time they look at it. Right now during the difficult times we are having, this hobby has been very helpful to many of all ages. It passes the time in an enjoyable manner. Read more>>

Kerry Oliver | CEO

Here at Rock the Dream, we are on a mission to find those exceptional, over-looked artists and bands, then elevate them using artist development techniques into a professional national touring act, who has the potential and exposure to reach the mover-shaker people who can get them signed to a major or indie label. This in turn, will generate a whole new generation of artists creating excellent music that will bring back the mega music stars which we used to have back in the day. The whole world will benefit from the music these great artists can create. By giving these artists and songwriters access to information, proper procedures, networking and instructional assistance, they are able to follow and achieve their dreams. Read more>>