Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Chelsea Love | Author & Motivational Speaker

I wrote this book in the middle of the pandemic and the response has been overwhelming. There has not been any guidance, strategy or tools to address the chaos, confusion, and difficult situations that many of us have found ourselves in. Our parents, nor our grandparents have lived through what we are all experiencing. This is a season of our lives that we are still learning to navigate, even almost two years later. So I decided to create an inspirational brand that reconnects people and promotes authentic conversations through vivid multimedia, thought-provoking literature and engaging events. Everyday we are equipping men and women with strategies and practical tips to breakthrough traditional thought processes and chart their own unique journey to fulfill their purpose and destiny. Read more>>

Rachelle Acevedo | Certified Life Coach & Transformational Retreat Leader

In the simplest answer, we help people effectively heal, in a holistic way. But please allow me to break that down a bit more and explain why we believe that healing is so vital to the community and the world. Having worked as a Certified Life & Healing Coach with so many people over the years, I began to see the patterns of how much harder life becomes as the years add up. Why is that? Why does resentment, cynicism and struggle become so common in adults? We propose that as we age, people hurt us and we hurt other people. The hurt feelings, betrayal, and upset we experience when people dishonor us and the shame and guilt we feel when we harm other people takes a significant toll on what we BELIEVE is possible for us and on what we believe we deserve. Read more>>

Shannon Wilson | Business Owner & Mom

As a dance studio owner for children, my business contributes greatly to our community, and it’s part of our mission to focus on creating community – community within our 4-walls, and our greater community by spreading joy and providing opportunities for our students to give back to the community they live in. We create a space where children can come and feel loved & welcome and have a 2nd home, and a space where families can gather and make new friends. Not only are we creating community within our own community, but we love to spread love & joy to our greater community through performances at special city events, children’s activities, retirement homes and more. Dance is a wonderful activity for children to build confidence, increase physical fitness and enhance their social emotional skills, but part of being a dancer, and part of the training we provide, is sharing our love of dance with others and providing entertainment and happiness to our audiences. Read more>>