To pivot or to persevere? Or more bluntly – to give up or to not to give up? This is a haunting question, a question that has ramifications far after an answer has been chosen and it’s also a question that almost everyone in our community has had to face at one time or another. How do you know when to give up and when to keep trying?

Tara Prescott | Fine Artist

Sometimes you don’t always know the answer to this question. Sometimes you get discouraged when you don’t see the results you set out for yourself. And then all of a sudden, you get a sale, or a referral, or a thank you for someone that you helped. Someone let’s you know that your work meant something meaningful to them or a loved one. This happened to me recently. For instance, a young lady recently purchased one of my paintings titled “Champion” from my website. She mentioned that the painting spoke to her core. The woman figure in the painting is also wearing a boxing glove and she herself also takes up the sport of boxing. It was a reminder to herself to never give up despite the levels of adversity she’s been through. As she shared her story, this was a reminder for myself as well. One thing that I’ve learned with my art career is keep going no matter what. Read more>>

Raquel Aurilia | Singer-Songwriter

I think this question is one that makes you think about just how passionate you are about what you are pursuing in your life. If you are passionate about what you are doing then I feel that you should never give up. In the music industry I am driven by my passion to share my music with everyone and not necessarily by specific number of sales etc. If my music can touch even one person than that means so much to me and motivates me to keep writing and singing. As long as I am passionate about what I do, giving up is not an option. Read more>>

Kathy Turner | Owner & Creator

The feeling of knowing whether to keep going or give up has come up many times for me. It has come up recently through the coronavirus spread. I struggled when my employees first expressed they could not work because of the virus. Then business slowly diminished. Other times in my career the thought of giving up arose when I had to give from my personal finances as I tried to develop a clientele. Five years ago gluten free or vegan food was not easily available or desired. Another time I recall is when personal tragedy forced a reduction of effort towards business. My husband was in a life threatening accident which required 3 years of care. Through all this, need to work played a role in carrying on and a deep desire for entrepreneurship. Read more>>