We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Noriko Nomari | Reiki accessory creator, Reiki master, Animal reiki healer

I think encounters are the most important factor behind my success. One of them is Japanese traditional style reiki, not just healing or medical but how to live my life well. After I attended a lecture of third degree reiki by NPO Japan Reiki Association (Chairman is Yoko Tsuji),I met a video of making beautiful orgonite object by U-Tube fated. Then I have been crazy about making orgonite, accessories, and so on by resin. Read more>>

Dani Williams | Owner and Designer at Artesana Tile

We focus our brand on curated artisan products that create everlasting experiences in your home, We focus on handmade tile that can be customized to your style, your color choices and your space to truly create something one of a kind. When bringing in new products and brands we focus on small makers with unique items that aren’t widely available. When you come to our showroom we want you to find things for your home that you have never seen before. Read more>>

Addison Emory IV | Supercross rider and trainer

just being determined. no matter what race i was at or anything, i always made sure to give it my everything. Read more>>

Emma Essence | Recipe Developer & Food Photographer

The factor that has contributed most to my brand’s success is the core message that I stand by, which is that everyone should feel comfortable in the kitchen.Do you ever walk into the kitchen and suddenly feel overwhelmed? That feeling of uncomfort, I never want anyone to feel. To me, feeling comfortable is feeling familiar, whether that familiarity is with holding a knife, preheating a pan, or the kitchen itself. Through my brand, I strive to create a space where you walk into a kitchen to cook a meal for yourself or your family, and have a sense of ease doing so. I do that through teaching cooking basics, sharing tips & tricks in the kitchen, and developing delicious recipes that anyone can do! Read more>>

Xutšu & Heather | Swaxstone – Turquoise & Lapidary

Energy flows where the attention goes as they say. There is nothing more true with our experience in building “SwaxStone” a rock-shop and more. Not unlike learning a second language, why not move to Mexico if one wants to learn Spanish? Well, our lapidary business grew and evolved the more time and energy we put into it… we went to the rocks. Read more>>

Max Pugatch | Artist

First, do what you like, do what gives you satisfaction. It is also essential to persist, at all times, but not stubbornly. Finding these two balances is an art. Read more>>

Jordan Cox | Licensed Aesthetician

When I first started my business in November 2019 the most important factor in my success was being able to work for myself and not have to be under someone else. I was so tired of working long hours and multiple jobs and being unhappy. Once I started my business I became happier. I still have long hours but now those long hours are being invested into something that I love and have passion for. Things have changed in the last couple of years and now the most important factor of my success is my family and most importantly my daughter. Read more>>

Kenneth Laufle | Videographer and photographer

The most important part of my success is reaching out to people who are looking to get themselves out there on social media through advertising themselves or something they have created. I get to do what I love and they get to show a side of themselves that some may be unaware of and getting to see their reaction of how their photos turn out is why I do what I do! Read more>>

Megan Haynes | Realtor Heart to Home AZ with Realty One Group

I became a Realtor because we had such a bad decision buying our home when we moved to AZ. I was in tears on the day we closed. The next day I decided to become a Realtor because I never wanted anyone to feel that way on the day they move into their new home. Buying or selling is always stressful to some degree but I wanted to help people so that they were excited and happy on closing day instead of upset. Read more>>

Tenaj & Tino Melendreras | Content Creators

We feel our authenticity has played a major role in the success of our brand. Read more>>

Tori Mac | Christian Hip Hop Promoter

The most important factor behind the success of my brand was recognizing who I am in the midst of my context. I first “entered” into the Christian Hip Hop (CHH) scene in 2014 as a fan of the music. As I continued going to any and every CHH concert I could – both big and small, I started to grow my network/community by connecting with fans and artists alike. One day, a particular artist friend of mine (who had been heavily involved in the CHH scene for a long time) was selling a book he recently wrote. When I asked for him to sign my purchased copy, he wrote it out to me as, “The First Lady of Arizona Christian Hip Hop.” Read more>>