We asked some brilliant folks from the community to tell us about the most important lesson their business or career has taught them. We’ve shared some of those responses below.

Meet Bridget Chambers | Writer & Life Coach

I lasted for about three months (post-college) in a traditional job. Even when I was young, I made my own money with no boss — usually through nannying or editing. My father is the consummate entrepreneur, and I think I followed very closely in his footsteps. I loved the idea of making my own schedule and money, yes – but more than that, I liked the idea that the only limits I’d face would be created by ME. Read more >>

Rhyan Geiger | Registered Dietitian and Owner of Phoenix Vegan Dietitian

The most important lesson is to never give up. The business will ebb and flow and sometimes it’s more fun than others. The most important thing I’ve ever done is not give up even when things were really tough. Every time I’ve thought of giving up shortly after something really cool comes and makes a positive impact. Also, always trust your gut! If something seems off or not right, listen to your intuition. Read more>>

Krystal Matocha | Writer & Hypnosis Specialist

That’s a tough question to answer because I’ve learned so many lessons. One of the big ones: learning never stops. It reminds me of the perpetual lotus or the nautical shell. The further along you get, the more layers you discover. Often times we think of change or success as a straight-line process, but it’s not. Both change and success are filled with ups and downs. Times where we need to go within and times where we need to come out of our shells. There are times when we thrive and times when we have no clue what the outcome will be, but we choose to stand on that outer edge. Read more>>

Kasi Bumgarner | Freelance Video Editor & Content Creator

The most important lesson my career and business have taught me so far is the value of setting boundaries and being upfront in your communications. It is always easier said than done to have those conversations because they can be uncomfortable, but it’s so key to keeping your work sustainable and prioritizing your mental health. Read more>>

Nubianz Goddess | Model, Singer, Business Owner

My career has taught me to never give up and that times will get tough. Any time in life where I was facing hardship I found ways to heal while acknowledging my struggles, but through that I never gave up. Pushing through those struggles helped me elevate and become better than who I was before times got hard. Nothing comes easy but with time and persistence you will achieve. Read more>>

Ethan Glidewell | Insurance Agency Owner

One of the largest and most important lessons my business has taught me was to risk it all. Once you learn the skills to create a successful business, why not go for it all? The risk, in my opinion, is worth the reward. Read more>>