Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why? Taking risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Nicole Myden | Founder, The PR Concierge, LLC

Risk is an essential part of our personal lives as well as our journey as business owners. For me, especially on my spiritual path, taking risks reminds me to trust in the Universe that our intentional, gut desires and decisions to take risks will always be supported, time and time again. Being open to taking risks in my opinion gives us the chance to not live life with regret – to be humbled by outcomes, whether they turn out the way we wish or not. I believe taking risks is a beautiful gift we can give ourselves to continue to help us evolve to the greater versions of ourselves. If we desire something in life, if we want to experience something in life, we have to take action to get to that next point. Taking action is a constant risk. They key, I believe to success with taking risks is to move with intention and love, detach from outcomes and follow the path the Universe guides you always…. Read more>>

Valerie Hawbaker | Licensed Massage Therapist & Licensed Esthetician

You have to be willing to be brave, jump in and take risks. Without risk, there is no reward-it’s that simple. As the Fredrick Wilcox quote says”You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.” Take the first step and keep going. You need to be at ease with the fact that you may not know how you are going to get the results you want, you have to experiment along the way. Failure isn’t the end. It’s the beginning! Taking risks has lead me to this life and amazing career. I took a risk and went back to school in my thirty’s. Took another and relocated to Arizona. I keep taking them and now I’m here (and looking for the next one!) Read more>>

Mary Hadsall | Executive Director

I believe taking risks is essential to life. Everyone is born with the inherent right to risk. What I see over and over again in my work is that my students are denied the opportunity to fully participate in life. My job is to allow our students to explore risk while keeping them safe. Horseback riding is in and of itself a dangerous sport. Combine that with a rider in saddle that has a physical disability, well you are adding elements of risk to that equation. It is through careful instruction and weekly lessons that our riders develop a thorough foundation in horsemanship and mastery of skill sets. This includes learning how to safely lead a horse, groom, tack up, and ride. For each student the level of independence mastered varies, however the education does not. That means if a student needs help lifting a saddle onto a horses back, he or she is going to know which saddle they need as well as the correct placement of said saddle. Read more>>

Kelly Snailum | Owner and Master Teacher Trainer of Remedy Pilates & Barre

A risk taker is defined as a person who is willing to do things that involve danger in order to achieve a goal. I grew up in Missouri with hard working parents and not a care in the world. I didn’t know back then that my dad was one of the biggest risk takers ever. He went from being a Marine in Vietnam to owning a dairy farm, then a restaurant, onto teaching at a junior college and then to owning and operating a trucking business, all before I was 10 years old. He stumbled upon opportunities like living in mansions and having fancy cars, all on small budgets that had no business taking on expenses of this kind. When we moved to Arizona, my dad built a exterior sign & lighting company from the ground up and made a name for himself by working hard, being the kind of person someone wanted to work for and most of all, taking risks. When he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer I was about to have my first child and had a thriving career in advertising. Read more>>

Majera Majidi, DC | Chiropractic Physician

I’m a very optimistic person and anyone who has worked with me will tell you that I’m full of positive energy. Risk has a slightly negative connotation to it so I’ve always looked at risk as opportunity before I make a final decision. I once had a landlord to my business tell me they were selling the building and I would have a new landlord. I took the risk of outbidding and purchasing the building myself and created a great long-term opportunity. It’s important to always think of opportunity before making a decision about risk taking. Read more>>