Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why? Taking risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Lisa Winter | Tattoo Artist

The way I see it, taking risks is inevitable— It’s ultimately up to every individual to decide what risks are worth taking by weighing out the pros and cons. Some people take a risk moving away from their families to attend better schools, some people take the risk of investing their money into a new business with an uncertain future, and some people, like myself, decide to take a risk on their art. Taking risks can be scary, but some of the biggest risks I’ve ever taken have lead me to the best places in my life and always end up being major catalysts for growth. Having enough belief in your own capabilities, as well as having people around you that support your goals makes taking risks easier— so if you’re feeling uneasy, maybe start there! Moving to that place, introducing yourself to that person, getting that job, learning that skill, whatever it is, with enough planning or practice, it’s all possible. The important thing to remember is to always bet on yourself. Read more>>

Carlos Mendivil | Digital Media Expert

Taking risks has opened countless doors to opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have been available. Getting started is a learning process, but it pays off in the long run if you’re committed to your craft, emphasize the strengths in the services you offer, and develop a strong network. Read more>>

Kenny K. Royal | Rapper

I feel that taking risks is a big part of growing and evolving. If you stay in your comfort zone you will miss out on experiencing a lot of things that could push you forward in your personal or professional life. Read more>>

Tim Welch | Martial Arts Coach

I think taking risks and making yourself vulnerable is extremely important in life. If i didn’t take the risk to drop out of college and pursue martial arts I wouldn’t be where I’m at today, at the time i got alot of flack from parents and friends saying fighters and martial artists always end up broke, but i knew i had a deep passion and saw avenues to make money while competing and when im done. So i made the leap and dedicated all of time and effort into improving my skills, studying , and going threw the fire taking risks on fighting professionally and being a broke fighter. Threw all of my experiences i have gained a level of resilience, mental toughness, and knowledge that i never would have gotten if i didn’t take a risk. Now i own a Jiu Jitsu and MMA school where i get to continue to improve my skills, and also give back the knowledge to my students and help them become the best they can be which is the best part. Read more>>

Elisha Thompson | Author, Yogi, and Educator

When I was younger, taking risks was not something that I did very often. I lacked faith in myself and did not believe I was capable of taking a risk and succeeding. It was a scary proposition for me. Now, I see risk as a chance to grow and learn more about myself. The only thing constant in life is change. So, for me, risk is about making a change that could result in a positive experience. Writing Yoga for Kink was a huge risk for me. It meant becoming even more open about my involvement in the BDSM lifestyle and risking being rejected by many. It is a risk that I’m very happy I took as it has resulted in many positive experiences. Read more>>