We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Dr. Beth Maly, NMD | Naturopathic Physician

Being in the business of naturopathic medicine brings a different taste to the medical field. So many people are looking for alternatives to what is offered in western medicine and what I can provide individuals with is the chance to learn about their body both on a physical and emotional level. I empower women to reclaim power over their health and ultimately over their lives. Read more>>

Preston Turner | Travel Vlogger

Travels in my Lifetime LLC helps the world by showing off the beaten path destinations, cultural activities, history and the importance of supporting the local economy. I believe all travel is valuable and people want to see more destinations like Arequipa, Peru or Mérida, Mexico which may not be as popular as Lima, Peru or Cancun, Mexico. When a foreigner visits a new destination, I hope to inspire that person or group to try the local foods, traditional activities, and talk to locals. I want travelers to hire a local tour guide from companies that are owned and operated by a local people and to buy products from the indigenous people to stimulate the economy. Read more>>

Jenna Reich | Documentary Family Photographer

I’m always considering ways I can impact my community and give back. Some of my favorite ways to build community, connect with people, and offer my services to a broader audience include collaborations with local businesses, offering photography services to nonprofits, working with refugees, giving away family sessions to underprivileged families, and gifting sessions to schools for fundraising efforts. Photography has a unique way of impacting the world through storytelling and it’s my goal to use my skills to shed light on important issues in our community. Read more>>

McKenzie Kelly | Owner/Licensed Aesthetic Instructor & Certified Laser Technician Instructor

Define Beauty Medspa is a Medical Aesthetic business created on the focus of helping others find their inner and outer beauty. My patients come see me knowing that I will guide them with honest and achievable skincare goals to help them find their most beautiful and confident versions of themselves. Over the 13+ years I have been treating Aesthetic patients, I have seen my patient’s lives transform and blossom when they gain confidence within themselves. With that confidence, they are more likely to spread happiness and share their gifts and creativity with the world, making this world a better place. Read more>>

Samantha Justice | Stylist/Barber & Model

Divine Instincts Hair Studio helps my community because I do my best to provide services which make you look amazing, but also help you feel amazing as well. The atmosphere here is all about growth and change, mixed in with a lot of love. When people come into my studio I want to help every customer love themselves in the mirror more, but also it’s important to provide them with a safe, peaceful space to wind down in. My motto of sorts for my shop is “where your heart’s condition matters just as much as your hair’a condition.” Being that we just opened last year I’m still finding my way into assisting my people more but my thought is it starts with me. That’s the foundation. Read more>>

Maia Wilenius | University of Arizona Veggie Cats Club President & Early Childhood Education Student

The Veggie Cats mission has three main components, all dedicated to improving the wellbeing of animals, the planet, and ourselves. Firstly, we seek to educate others on veganism, why it is important, and how to live easily and happily without contributing to animal abuse. Secondly, we seek to effect change in the university and community in order to make the area a more ethical, sustainable, and vegan-friendly place to live. And finally, we seek to build a supportive community of vegans, vegetarians, and the veg-curious. Read more>>

Tristan Thibodeau | Tristan Thibodeau | Brand Strategist & CEO of Wild Womn Haus

As branding and marketing specialists, we exclusively work with female and female-identifying entrepreneurs in order to tip the scales of how womn are represented in the business world. In our opinion, womn make the best CEOs, and there’s some really compelling data to support this! “On average, women’s companies grow by 84% compared to men-owned companies, growing by 78% since starting”. Read more>>

Chantel Gray | Teacher, Mother & Plant Lover @channygrayhome

Having the accessibility to ask someone for plant help is something that I did not have when beginning my planty journey. The frustrations seemed endless and I wished there was someone at my fingertips to ask these never ending questions. As a former teacher it was in my nature to offer help and invite these questions related to plants. Having an open dialog with those who follow me has created such a close knit community, and family, that I love! It’s a wonderful thing to witness people who thought we’re plant killers, develop their green thumb, through my help! Plants themselves are meant to bring joy and a sense calmness to our lives by reducing anxiety. Learning plant care itself shouldn’t contribute to that anxiety! Read more>>

Tara Hagman | Silversmith & Jewellery Designer

When I was starting Hello Luna Creative it was very important to me that I was being as sustainable as possible. I wouldn’t feel right doing something that added to an issue I feel so passionately about. Jewellery and fashion can be beautiful and sustainable at the same time. I did extensive research to make sure I was sourcing my materials from the best possible places. I use mostly recycled sterling silver that is produced in a solar powered warehouse and I recycle all my silver scraps. Read more>>

Tia H & Terri R | Founders of Creation Awaits Crafts

Our sole purpose is to provide kids in foster care something that makes them feel seen and loved. When children are removed from their home and enter into an unfamiliar place, that is scary. Having a keychain with their name on it shows them that someone cares and that there is hope. We love to craft and this is a way to provide custom goods for small businesses while making a difference in the lives of foster kids. Read more>>