We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Katie Cerami | Photographer & Transformation Coach

My business helps the community and the world around me by providing a place where people can come to receive value in the pursuit of personal and professional growth. Although my business was started and created around art and creativity it has shifted into using art and creativity to portray a message to others and the world around me. The message is to empower and inspire others to explore and evolve to find their truth and purpose in life. Read more>>

Scott Freeman | Co-Founder and Executive Director

Founded by a combat veteran to honor the memory of his disabled brother, who passed while he was deployed, Mikey’s League challenges the limits placed on children with disabilities. We believe in the power of sport, and its moments of triumph, to provide the confidence needed to be successful in life, regardless of challenges. We work towards this mission by running inclusive sports programs. Inclusive means bringing athletes with disabilities together on teams with their non-disabled peers and changing the game’s rules to allow everyone to compete meaningfully. We do this with as authentic a traditional sports program as possible while holding the youth to a high standard and focusing on player development. Read more>>

Shun Williams | Entrepreneur & Community Builder

We work with people to help them find their gifts. Through those gifts, we have an interconnected support structure of creatives and collaborators to help others transform locally and nationally. My current aspiration is leverage the existing group of collaborators to generate global impact. Read more>>

Devon Overbey | Engineering Student, Photographer, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Musician

Throughout my life, I’ve had the ultimate goal of changing the world through innovation in both traditional business ventures and nonprofits. These goals are a fundamental part of my identity and are integral to my worldview. I seek to learn as much as I possibly can to solve deep-rooted problems. I have a lot of passion for leadership, science, technology, and most importantly–– community. Growing up, I didn’t really know anyone who was involved in these sorts of things. Read more>>

Dima Graziani | Music producer & film composer

My business – is music production. I believe music transcends all the differences between people. It bypasses beliefs, ethnicities, nationalities, etc.
People can unite thanks to music. Read more>>

Shawnte Fleming | Founder/President Let Us Breathe Abilene

We are entering a new phase in the organizations growth. Our vision is to promote community-based philanthropy for underrepresented and disenfranchised communities, individuals, and families. With the assistance of our volunteers, community partners, corporate sponsors, and community, we hope to empower those individuals currently struggling to speak up and seek correction in unjust situations. Pay it forward by advocating for others in similar situations. Let Us Breathe continues to build community and bring people together. Read more>>

Andraya Grangroth | Co-Founder of Ridge Patrol

Women hunters is one of the largest growing demographics in the world today, and Ridge Patrol is here to fill the need for clothing that performs no matter what trail you take. We are a sisterhood of outdoor women, whether we climb 14 thousand foot mountains, hunt for wild game, or simply enjoy various outdoor activities, the community of women at Ridge Patrol all have something in common. Read more>>

Rachel Van Nortwick | CEO and Founder, Vinylly

Vinylly is a dating app that is focused entirely on creating connection through music compatibility. tudies have shown that when we listen to music, our brains release dopamine, which in turn makes us happy. For many, that enjoyment is heightened by sharing it with someone else. Connections made through music can be very meaningful, especially if music plays a big role in someone’s life. Read more>>

Gary Kirkilas | Community Organizer

We are witnessing a huge housing boom here in Arizona. Over 200 people move to metro Phoenix every single day. While this is great for our economy we are slowly chipping out what makes Arizona unique, our beautiful deserts. For every new suburb that pops up means less desert for us to enjoy. Soon our major metropolitan areas like Phoenix and Tuscon will resemble the suburban sprawl of Los Angeles and less like the Arizona we know and love. This presents a real challenge; building homes for those that wish to live here but also retaining our unique desert charm. Read more>>

Laura Genovese | Certified Life Coach, The Fullness & Grace Project

The Fullness & Grace Project is a community that believes in living a life of fullness and grace. “Fullness” meaning a life of vibrancy and depth that fulfills your soul. “Grace” meaning having empathy and courteous goodwill for yourself and others. One of the most powerful foundational practices to achieve fullness and grace is through self-awareness. The more you build your self-awareness, the better you can understand yourself and support yourself. Read more>>

Taylor Finn | Tattoo Artist (@ordinary.tattooer)

Tattooing is such a unique and impactful medium to an incredible amount of people. This type of artwork is extremely symbolic and meaningful to many, but even when it’s not too serious, it’s easy to be excited about artwork that will last a lifetime. I think a lot of people view tattoos almost as souvenirs. There are so many ways to honor your interests, hobbies, and even people close to you. Some people consider themselves tattoo collectors, aiming to get an array of artwork from completely different artists. Read more>>

Laura Benton | Licensed Aesthetician and PMU Artist

My business makes a positive impact within the community by helping people feel confident again and whole as a person. Providing areola restoration to clients post mastectomy or after transgender surgery is very rewarding! I love putting a smile on someone’s face! Read more>>

Kathleen Miller | Owner , Licensed Massage Therapist & Wellness Practitioner

I feel my business has an important impact in the community by helping people connect to themselves using mind, body and spirit techniques during these challenging times. My wellness studio was created as a safe space for those dealing with anxiety, stress, depression and trauma related issues. Resulting in where the connection to self starts and the healing begins by using holistic and natural modalities. Read more>>

Jody Murray | Acupuncturist & athletic trainer

is being afforded the opportunity to take time off whenever I deem it appropriate. Many years ago, I decided that I would use that time off in some sort of medical mission work. Acupuncture is so portable and effective for a myriad of diseases and complaints, that it lends itself well to this type of mission. I have traveled to Mexico, Navajo Nation, AZ, India and Peru to provide medical services in underserved communities. I have also trained healthcare providers in some of these regions how to practice acupuncture so that these services can continue after I have returned home. Read more>>