We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Monica Lavander | Herizon Founder & Artist

Our social impact is focused on inclusivity and creating opportunities for people to express themselves freely. This means uplifting other artists and people in the community by offering booking opportunities, recording space, event consulting, and more. This year we are working towards expanding and teaching art & music classes at different rehabilitation centers in the valley. We are currently working with Villament and are establishing a music and arts program within their organization. We believe mental health and art go hand in hand. In pursuit of this, we have been working with Villament on how we can help more people in the community and at their care facility. Read more>>

Michelle Shahbazyan, MS, MA | The LA Life Coach

The only reason I do my work is to help local communities be the best they can be. The only way the world will be the best place it can be is if people in the local communities operate at their optimal levels. I work with clients internationally and I help them change their life in just one session. They achieve peace and happiness in a way that they never knew was possible after our conversation. Coupled with tools and perspective shifts, my clients go back out into the world ready to live their best lives and apply their new way of being effectively in any situation they are in. With enough people walking on the path of greatness, the world can be a great place. Read more>>

Snigdha Sangisetti | Director at L.U.V.

Low Ultraviolet (L.U.V.) was founded on the principle of helping others through their skin cancer journey – whether that meant being there for them with our safe, fashionable, UPF 50+ clothing or as a shoulder to cry on. We wanted to create a safe space for our community to share their struggles, triumphs, and everything in between. Erica and I truly believe that we are nothing without our community. Together we outshine skin cancer! Read more>>

Stephanie Prosser | Artist, Gallery Owner, NonProfit CEO

Art connects with and impacts people in a way no other medium can! I love business as much as I love art, so as an artist and creative I wear several hats: freelance artist -S. Prosser Artist, Gallery owner-1117 Studios & Gallery, and I am Founder and CEO of art nonprofit Palette of Purpose Incorporated. My motivation is being able to see the impact I make in other’s lives through art, both as a business owner and as a nonprofit executive. Read more>>

Heather Botluk | Cake Artist

We help with many different causes, organizations,and benefits! We’ve done work with the Arizona Burn Center, Animal Rescues, Veteran benefits, Several different medical benefits, Women Centers, Children benefits, LGBTQIA+ benefits and more. We do our best to give back! Whether its donations or working events with proceeds going to these amazing causes, we support our community. Read more>>

Ravyn Crescent | Small Bussiness Owner

My business has been wonderful not only at bringing people together and allowing people to find connections (I have so many customers who met new friends at my booth/table at craft fairs and conventions and others who found friends because their pet had a fandom themed leash or collar,) it has also served to help businesses to have their brand on collars, leashes, paw balms to help them advertise and bring in new customers. Read more>>