We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Jenny McCall | Co-Owner S4 Group

The S4 team is focused on helping the innocent and the helpless. We believe in taking care of that children and the elderly population. On a regular basis we donate to the Phoenix Childrens Hospital and the aces program. This program is designed for the emotional health and well-being of children. Emotional health is the least funded area at the hospital. We have ties to the foster community and do group projects with Jayce Jacobs mission community center Who helps give food and clothing donations to foster families.. our mission is to bring agents together to serve their clients families and community. Read more>>

Caitie Canacakos | Owner & Trainer

Empowered Lifestyle Training helps the community by allowing people of all shapes, sizes and colors to come together for one purpose: health. We don’t see age, we don’t see disability, we don’t see gender. We do see people who want to train hard, sweat and support each other to be better. We do see people coming together to support each others goals, to call each other on their BS and to make sure we are all moving forward in the right direction. I built Empowered to be everyone’s space to be empowered to live long, healthy lives that they can pass on to their children. Empowered will be the gym of North Mesa that people want to go to to no only train, but to be in general because our presence alone makes people feel all around better in life. Read more>>

Alexhandra Hotko | Founding Baker

Outside of my love of sharing joy through food, my business helps the community by expanding awareness. A great phrase I lean on is ‘culinary diplomacy’. We get to know each other’s cultures through experiencing foods that have been passed down from previous generations. It may not be in the same language, or even look familiar, but it is a way to open a dialog. Additionally, I have a good number of clients that upon their first time seeing my baked goods were just so elated to see breads and pastries that they haven’t seen for years! Spreading joy and bringing people together (even remotely) are two ways that my business helps. Read more>>

Filmer Kewanyama | Native American artist from Hopi Tribe

My paintings, my artwork what I call Native American art or Hopi art gives me a chance to teach non native people, non Hopi people about who we are as Hopi and why it is important that we continue to practice our way of life and why we look at things in a sacred and respectful way. I strongly believe that if we all got to know each others more that in itself would allow harmony and how we treat each other as people. Read more>>

Steve Weiss | Executive Director, No Festival Required, An Independent film programming and exhibition company

When I started screening films in 2002, there was no mechanism for any regular short film screenings other than the yearly ASU Shorts series, yet there were film schools and film students, artist and documentary filmmakers whose work was not generally seen. Three years before 2002, when I started No Festival Required Independent Cinema, Michael Moore’s ROGER AND ME was released, and suddenly the film community saw the market for documentaries for social justice and change. We began screening short subject docs, then long form short docs and finally feature-length. We continued to and frankly still champion short subject films and filmmakers, and though there might be other avenues for presentation. Read more>>