Are you thinking about starting a business?  If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Karlie Warne and Liz Schwartz: Ebb + Flow Coffee Co. Owners

We were 23 years old when we decided to take the leap and move across the country to pursue our dream of opening a coffee shop together. We had both recently graduated from college and were working within our degrees, but were constantly having the conversation of “am I really happy doing this for the rest of my life?” Ultimately it was this question (over and over again) that really pushed us to start our own business. We both realized life is way too short to not pursue a dream that we’d been so passionate about since we were kids. We ran into many bumps in the road and hiccups while starting up, but what really helped us was knowing exactly what we wanted our brand to be. Read more>>

Rod Dunlap | Co-Owner CaddyDaddy

Our company started in 2002 and we didn’t really have a well thought out business plan in the early days. We were focused on one product rather than a full business venture that morphed into a full line of golf products. We we were young and naive in the beginning and thought our first product (a golf bag cooler) would be an overnight success story. We couldn’t find anything in retail that suited our needs so we decided to design our own. We learned very quickly having a great product was only part of the battle. For us it took a lot of hard work, various sales and marketing strategies and overcoming a lot of early failures to be where we are today. Read more>>

Tina Mellino | Interior & Lifestyle Designer

I have always had a strong creative instinct. This creative instinct pulls at me to be fulfilled and is the force that drives me in all things I do. I come from a family of entrepreneurs, first my Mother who was an Artist, Designer and brilliant business person and my husband who is a successful now retired, restaurateur. It was a natural progression for me to launch my own passion and design practice circa 2009. Read more>>

Charlie Mumbles | Hip- Hop Producer, Record Label Order, Cannabis Entrepreneur

Rolling up is a recording studio staple. Custom rolling papers designed by Chop Records made perfect sense. Chop Rolling Papers began out of necessity in Brooklyn, NY in 2018. Chop Records needed a product that we could take to Tokyo, Japan that would give our Japanese fans a real glimpse into our creative process. We wanted them to experience the music the way we create it. Chop’s are made in Europe with Organic Vegetable Fibers only. Every pack is designed in-house by the Chop Rolling Papers team. Using the entertainment industry as a spring board, Chop Rolling Papers specializes in collaborating with brands and artists. Since 2018, Chop has put out over 8 designs and collaborations. Read more>>

Connie Adams | Vividly Painted Outdoor Art with extreme focus on Weatherproofing

My love of gardening and my art background led me to start making things for our home that I just could not find at the stores. I love color and started painting pots, pillows and metal wall hangings for my garden, courtyard and patio. I also made gifts for family and friends. I was in love with all my creations and thought everyone else would love it. I started small, selling at Farmer’s Markets and had great response. I slowly grew and focused more on the art aspect versus the gardening and started applying to Art Shows. I was so excited to be accepted. The process of designing, creating and selling was so fulfilling. I continue to do the Art Shows but still love showing at the smaller local markets that helped me learn and grow my business. Read more>>

Jordan Suess | Recording & Touring Artist/Independent Record Label Owner

I began selling my music on burnt CDs when I was 16 and charging fees to perform live shows by 18 or 19 and after three or four years of this and studying marketing and business in college, not to mention having an entrepreneur for a father, it was a no brainer. So I created my own record label with my partner in rhyme. Basically the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do is make my music global and I’m really good at it so why not create a business so I can make a living and generate income doing what I love Read more>>

Samta Jones | Founder of Studio Pastiche

Working in a corporate setting has been enriching and I learned a lot. However, I found that I was more obligated to fulfilling my goals for a corporation, rather than those in life. I was gaining experience, getting better at my job, but was unable to check off any life goals. I had always wanted to have my own shop where I’d be able to sell beautiful items that I had collected from my travels. I wanted to sell clothing that boasted craftsmanship from artisans around the world, but in a modern silhouette. My husband finally talked me into quitting my job and taking responsibility to do the things that I had dreamed of. We traveled for a year and a half, spending time in Europe and India. We spent nine months in India exploring some of its most remote villages. It was on this trip that I was able to reconnect with some artisans in a small desert village in the Rann of Kutch. Read more>>

Tricia Arce | Owner & Marshmallow Creator

To create a nostalgic dessert that everyone could enjoy. We live in Arizona where its too hot to actually have a campfire outside. So we thought what if we created S’mores in front of the guest and created them to their desires. Enjoying a campfire dessert but in the confines of free AC and not a lot of mosquitos. Read more>>