There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Carlton Vernon | Dance Artist

Throughout the course of my professional experience, my adaptability as well as an awareness of my worth have allowed me to find success in a variety of environments within my career field. Whether performing, leading, or creating, I approach each endeavor fully informed and therefore more able to apply my abilities to the benefit of the venture. Artistic projects are often riddled with challenges; I feel the most successful when I allow the challenges to inform a new direction, an evolution of the work I set out to accomplish. Adapting to a new set of circumstances is a liberation from the inside of the box that I constantly draw for myself and my plans, and that can be incredibly exciting. Read more>>

Cake Monster Cosplay (Savy Sims) | Cosplayer & Costume Designer

The word success can mean a lot of things, but to me, success means doing something that brings me happiness. In my case, I find my costuming career to be very successful because cosplay makes me happy. I feel excitement when I work on a costume, thrill while wearing my costume, love for the characters, and passion for the art. Some people think that winning awards in cosplay competitions is how I’ve become successful because it’s help build my audience and built up my portfolio. I don’t find that to be the case. I don’t believe that people are considered successful from the amount of things they accomplished, but from the happiness they received doing the things they love. So the secret to my success is my passion. My passion for creating costumes and love for a character drive me to work hard to bring characters to life. Read more>>

Dave Richins | President & CEO

Teamwork. I believe in hiring good, smart, capable people and empowering them to do their jobs. As a food bank, it is as important to talk about the success of meeting the needs of the community as it is to ask for support for the organization. We are successful in responding to what is asked of us in charitable feeding but we always need help. We have to message both and not just always act like the sky is falling. Read more>>

Andrew Robinson | Interactive New Media Artist

Community. I would not be where I’m at at all if it wasn’t for a local art and music scene community. Within our local scene I was able to meet other artists and musicians who’s work is incredible and I am a huge fan of, they also supported me and the work I was doing. This was even how I got my first public gig as a vj although I didn’t really know what I was doing yet, they still liked my designs and ideas enough to take a chance on me and it went well enough that lead to a long term work relationship and friendship. There is no local scene if people aren’t taking an active role to get involved, host DIY art gallery shows or music performances out of your living room if that’s all you got, That’s was what we were doing and it more valuable than anything else for all of us to make real genuine connections to other people in our scene. Read more>>

Ken Reif | Artist

Creating the best product I can. My passion for art runs infinitely deep. I do believe that by producing the best I can, the rest of the strategy works much smoother. I apply this while striving to be in the moment. Read more>>

Naomi Brown | Professional Artist

I would probably have to say believing in my unique subject especially when it wasn’t popular. I envisioned it being successful at one point in my art career. Read more>>