People often ask about the best decision, but we think it’s also very enlightening to learn about people’s most difficult decisions and the frameworks they used to think through those decisions.

Krutik Thakur | Photographer

Getting into creative field was the most difficult decision for me. Read more>>

Daniella Napolitano | Artist & Printmaker

Moving to Arizona was a pretty big leap of faith for me. I was previously living in Little Rock, Arkansas and beginning to establish myself in the art scene there. While I had a burgeoning art business and a job I enjoyed, I wanted to further my education and pursue my craft as a printmaker. Arizona State University has one of the top printmaking programs in the country so I knew that’s where I wanted to be. It was difficult to leave a comfortable living/business situation (and drag my partner across country with me) but ultimately it was a wonderful decision. Read more>>

Danica Marlin | Visual Artist & Sculptor

In any form of creative work challenging decisions are often at play. Because of my health history and struggles with fertile processes, the works I make are innately personal. I continually have the difficult decision to share personal and emotional imagery with the public through my platform as a visual artist. Naturally, I have insecurities in holding this issue up to the public eye, but I know there is power in difficult conversations. Having long suffered from irregular and even at times life-threatening menstrual cycles, I have been told time after time that it will be difficult if not impossible for me to become pregnant. I view my work as a fertility process in all aspects pertaining first to our original environment—the womb, and our final environment—the earth. The imagery I use is zygotic in nature, referring to zygotes, gametes, seeds eggs and spores. Read more>>

Matthew Sabey Snutg | Artist & Coach

The most difficult decision I ever had to make was choosing my own happiness. Many folks struggle with this concept on a daily basis and never end up choosing themselves in order to make others happy or to “please others.” But in the end, how in the world could you be happy if you yourself do not find happiness and fulfillment first? Therefore, as difficult as it may be, I choose my happiness first in order to be there for others because that way I have a full cup to pour from. Read more>>