Our community is filled with hard-working, high achieving entrepreneurs and creatives and so work-life balance is a complicated, but highly relevant topic. We’ve shared some responses from the community about work life balance and how their views have evolved over time below.

Matt Bloomfield | Adventure Photographer & Hazardous Material Manager

My work life balance is a little odd because while I work both a full and part time job (plus my photography work on the side), I still always make time to adventure and have fun. Most people think having balance between the two means working less, but you can absolutely make things happen if you’re willing to squeeze things in. Just taking one extra day off can put so many great areas within a reasonable travel distance. Instead of taking a full week off a couple times a year, try breaking up your time off and use smaller chunks more frequently. Balance is partly just about prioritizing the things you love; I promise it will always be worth it. Read more>>

Joseph Demirjian | Singer of Her Name Echoes, Songwriter & 4th year Medical Student

Work-Life balance is important in life, especially for me. I admit that does sometimes get difficult to balance training for a career as an emergency medicine doctor while making time to focus on music. But that’s exactly it. Sometimes I just need to make sure I set time to work on music! It’s what helps makes me feel balanced. It was easier to balance these two things prior to starting medical school, but I understand there are sometimes sacrifices that need to be made (especially during my training). Often, I find myself working on music and the end of a long shift at the hospital or rough day of studying. It really helps me wind down and is a major part of my wellness. Looking forward to playing a concert with all the guys in Her Name Echoes also plays a role in helping keep me motivated to work on music as well. Read more>>

Tiffany Lee Gaston | Author & Fitness Expert

I love this topic because I personally struggled with finding balance where work and family life collide. Never easy when you’re hungry and driven to succeed, but highly necessary when you begin to feel the other important things in life begin to lag a bit or you feel the tug of a needy child whom craves your attention. The mom guilt kicked in and I discovered the need to build boundaries to protect what is most important in my world. For me, family will always come first and I never wanted to live with regret . Years of competing in fitness consumed much of my time and the constant travel became something I loathed. I decided I was unwilling to miss important events and special moments with my family and a shift began. Feeling compelled to be more present with my children was important to me and ultimately the reason I learned to become less of a “yes” person. I learned to build boundaries around my work life and much has changed for the better since making that choice. Read more>>

Jill Sans | Artist | Gallery Owner & Art Curator

Work life balance has changed significantly over this year, a forced change. Prior to 2020, only a couple years of starting my little business, The HeArt Box, everything felt like a push. Keeping up with a constant momentum, go was the word I associated with the most. Time spent not going meant lost time. Stepping into this year was busy for me, felt like big things set on the horizon, I just had to keep going and then March rolled around and I came to an abrupt stop. This was a forced and very much needed for work life balance, what is needed for my work to be balanced and what is needed for life. I am not one to even separate the two so much, I love my work and therefore try to integrate it all together, as an artist my life is my work and vice versa. I think I examined what exactly is work and what are the parts of life that need to be fed and nurtured. Read more>>