Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Paloma Kruse | Wedding and Family Photographer

I’ve been an entrepreneur for as log as I can remember. In the fourth grade, I sold personalized book marks. In the sixth grade, I made and sold handmade hair flowers and bows. The summer after eighth grade, I had an otter pop stand, and the list goes on. I got my first job at 14, and quickly realized that I didn’t like working for someone else. I knew I wanted be a business owner, and I enjoyed so many things, but didn’t have a genuine passion for any of them. That is, until my senior year of high school when I took a photography class as an elective. Read more>>

April Vetrano | Registered Dietitian

I wanted to have a positive impact by helping people fall back in love with food and themselves and I knew I could do that by opening my own private practice, Edge Health Solutions (EHS). We live in a world where the diet industry has penetrated every nook and cranny with false nutrition information. And I’ve seen firsthand how yo-yo dieting can really break people down both mentally and physically. So, being that I am Registered Dietitian and therefore a nutrition expert, I knew that I had the knowledge to start breaking down those falsehoods and debunking the nutrition myths that are out there (in case you were wondering, white potatoes are just as nutritious as sweet potatoes!). Read more>>

Chelsey | Wedding & Event Floral Designer

It had already been in my mind back when I was waitressing. Funny thing is, what I really wanted to do was open a botanical shop where interesting house plants & accessories were sold. I was working part-time at a flower studio, but this studio is what made my fall in love with this industry! COVID restrictions & lockdown put a lot of people in some scary situations. The woman I had been working for, essentially my mentor, was put in a tough position and long story short, costs needed to be minimized and I lost my job there. Read more>>

Damian Young | Owner of Dayo Fit Performance & Nutrition

Through my own fitness journey I saw a huge gap between healthcare and fitness. I had a lot of injuries from motorcycle wrecks and poor nutrition habits from lack of clarity in the fitness industry. After getting multiple certifications to help myself out, I came up with the idea that people need more than one modality to get their specific needs met. I really wanted to take a holistic approach to fitness and self-care with Dayo Fit and make something totally unique. A network of Doctors, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Nutritionists and Personal Trainers from different backgrounds that can prepare the best program for the client’s specific needs at any given point in their journey. Read more>> 

OtisOak | Creative Prodigy & Multi Talented Musician

I’ve always been a free spirited person, I’ve never done well in controlled environments. It’s fair to say that i discovered my passion for business in elementary. I started a small business selling commodities pokemon cards, Dragon Ball Z pictures, YuGiOh sketches and cards. I use to make 20-50 dollars a day for about 2 years. 3rd grade and 4th grade, The school police officer slowed me down in 5th grade with some threats. I was contributing to his loss of sales, towards the end of the day he would sell candy, but kids did not have any more left after buying commodities from me. Read more>>

Amber & Andrew | YO! DONUT Business Owners

We wanted to make people happy. We wanted to make a donut that all out friends that were vegan, gluten-free, or both, could enjoy. With years of hard work, we perfected our recipes and turned our great idea into a great business. Read more>>

Anthony Sanchez | Founder/CEO of Majic•Musick•Records•LLC

The idea was simple, “I needed to work for myself”. I woke up one day tired of working for someone else, and had reached a point in my life where I no longer felt happy with living a normal 9-5 routine. I decided that if I could figure out a way to monetize my passions, no only would I become financially free but more importantly. I would wake up doing what I genuinely love, in turn never working another day in my life. Read more>>

Josie Naclerio | Action/romance author

I’m a self publishing author and after visiting Italy, for the third time, and meeting family that lived there, and having revisited the ancient ruins of Pompeii I decided to actually take the risk and write and publish a book. I was working full time and the writing offered a great way of distressing from my job along with the stressors that came along with my husband’s job as a police officer. After two back injuries that required a huge lifestyle and work change I began devoting more and more time to my writing. Read more>>

Candace Bell | Holistic Nutritionist, Food Blogger & Founder of The Wheatless Kitchen

When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I turned to food blogs to help me learn all I needed to know about going gluten-free. Once I mastered the gluten-free lifestyle and turned my health around, I wanted to create a website full of recipes and resources to help other people with Celiac Disease, in the same way food blogs helped me. If I can help even just one person know that being gluten-free doesn’t have to be difficult, I feel like I have accomplished my goal. Read more>>

Candace McCurry-Dillon | Stylist & Entrepreneur

So my thought process behind starting A’ron Monroe B&P Experience, came from wanting to feel comfortable in my own skin, while being liberated as a woman to make the decision to love my body naked and/or covered . I have been, for the most part a very shy girl when it comes to my body, and in a relationship that kept me in that confined mind space for years while deciding to start my brand. That is NO MORE! Read more>>

Lance Brace | Custom Furniture Builder

Of all the reasons to start a business likely the most foolish is to follow a popular hobby into a highly saturated market where your small business will compete against multi-billion dollar multinational companies with million dollar ad spends and thousands of locations. Years ago I began building furniture for my own home. When my wife and I moved into a larger home we made the decision to never buy furniture again. Through our woodworking hobby eventually Wooden Philosopher was born. Read more>>

Bianca Angelo | Coffee stand owner/barista

I had always wanted to “do something” in regards to my owning my own business! I talked about opening a coffee stand for a few years! And it was just a dream! Until along came Covid! After working in healthcare for 12 years I was burnt out and no longer happy with what I was doing. I started taking as many free classes as I could! Soaking up all and any knowledge pertaining to business ownership. Read more>>

Kiera Scaife | Boutique owner

The thought process behind starting my business has been freedom. I never imagined myself being an entrepreneur . However, the idea of creating someone else’s reality while having the bare minimum to create my own is no longer satisfying to my soul. So I have taken a leap of faith. Read more>>

Austin Pierce | Data-centric Marketing & Fundraising Strategist

I wish I could say I had this planned effort to start my own business. But, instead, it happened by accident! I had a former employer reach out to me and ask me for assistance with their data management and fundraising. From that point, I reasoned that I should put that work within the confines of an LLC, and suddenly, my business was now a ‘real’ thing. Ha! Read more>>