Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

DaJaniere Rice | Multidisciplinary Artist and Graphic Designer

Growing up I saw my family hustle. There were 7 of us in one house and we all contributed to our household. My granddad would make BBQ pits out of barrels and shopping carts, my brother would mow lawns, my sister and I would sell candy bars, my mom and aunts would make beautiful baskets for Valentine’s Day and other holidays to sell, my Dad would do custom painting on clothing for men and women, my nana would make dinners, and my mom would make custom cakes. This all pushed me into wanting to learn how to build wealth. Read more>>

Nila Jane Autry | Artist

Starting my own Art business was the unplanned plan from the beginning…maybe it started way back in High school when I took my first art class. My Art Teacher, Mr. Durant, wasn’t charismatic or even very encouraging, but he taught me how to draw. He gave me tools. I thought people who drew well were born with a ‘God given talent’ to draw and I wasn’t one of them. But when I found I could draw and paint well, I started on my Art journey. I got my Art Composite teaching degree and went on to become a secondary level art teacher. I also taught some college level courses during my 30 years. Read more>>

Connor Morgan Huff | Sports Nutritionist & Wellness Influencer

I was always into health and fitness but was working as a full time private jet flight attendant. I would spend my free time researching all things health and wellness and would always share them to my social media accounts and realized that anytime i would post things i would have a large outpour of people contacting me about the vitamins and supplements that I would post. When the pandemic hit, like many others i stopped working, planes wernt flying since everywhere was closed. I was so used to being gone for weeks at a time traveling for work that i never had time to just sit down and really plan for much. Read more>>

Kit Wolfe | Lymphatic therapist /massage therapist /yoga instructor

My plan had always been to start my own business after I had completed massage school. In this industry there are more opportunities for working for yourself. I knew that with this new skill set in combination of my previous education and empirical knowledge I could become an owner of a small business. After the first step, completing massage school, I wanted to keep my overhead low and that is how I decided to offer mobile in-home services. By choosing this path I was able to offer services that others did not. Read more>>

India Fields | Owner & Creator of Almost Edible Body Care

My mindset behind Almost Edible Body Care is to create moments of lush comfort and educate about the benefits of the organic ingredients nature has to offer, while simultaneously learning myself. Last but not least, our goal is to underline the importance of self-preservation, self-care, and self-love! Over the years, I continually experienced irritations and discomforts while using common big-name brands. Unfortunately, because my body and skin were having such bad reactions to wipes, lotions, and soaps, I was absolutely terrified (lol) of the ingredients in most bath bombs, scrubs, masks, and so on. Read more>>

Monica Taylor | Vintage inspired digital creator

Having more control over my brand and product is what led me to starting my own business and website. I had been a seller on an ECommerce website for several years. I had no control over the look of the platform or the increasing fees. I wanted to build a community around my brand and share what I love most, creativity! My journey started as a vintage inspired crafter. I wanted to tell a story through my creations and would sell my finished goods to help cover the cost of supplies. Read more>>

Kirk Larson | Founder of The Backyard Golf Game

Our particular business if unique. We were created during the Covid time. Golf was one of the initial things that you could do, so a group of us started playing every week. Then to practice in between rounds we played some games at our house with plastic golf ball. I realized I have a large network in China and started the process of gathering all items needed from several different factories and partner with a group to import the goods. Read more>>