Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Tina Greggo | Photographer

I wanted to basically do my own thing and treat my clients special. The only way to do that was starting my own business which took great courage! But it was the best thing I ever did!. Read more>>

Wendy and Beth Williams | Podcasters

Very simply we saw a problem that needed to be solved and we believed we could do it. The podcasting space is a very white male space. Similarly the content created in the true crime podcast space was missing stories about BIPOC, LGBTQ and other marginalized victims. We wanted to hear those stories in our podcast feeds and there were little to none. We saw a hole and we decided to fill it. Read more>>

Jason Taylor | Pastor and chef

Short answer is I wanted to give back. I was blessed by a good Samaritan and her changed my life. As I was ordained and called to be of service I wanted to do the same for someone else. I knew I could good cook food and would be able to speak from a place of understanding. I have been there and I wanted to help others get there lives back. Read more>>

TaylorRae Schnepp | Intimate Wedding Photographer

I always tell people that the “process” behind starting my own business was about as backwards as it gets. I did everything in the wrong order so it’s an incredible blessing to see how it’s all worked together to create the career I have now and am still creating. I first started my “business” when I was 16; charging high school seniors $25 for a grad session and staying up all night editing 15 photos on… classic. I took a couple photography classes in high school and one in college but what really grew my skill the most was just doing. The more I took pictures for friends the more I realized how much I loved what I did. Still, I got my bachelor’s degree in psychology and got a full time job as a behavioral health technician. I was still doing sessions when I had time during this whole process but after I got married and realized we needed to start paying back our mountain of student loan debt, we decided to take photography more seriously. Read more>>