Ideas aren’t everything, execution matters greatly, but starting often requires an idea and so we asked folks to think back and tell us the story of how they came up with the idea for their businesses. We’ve highlighted some of our favorite stories below.

Katie Sterling | Momtrepreneur & Floss Boss

Floss Cotton Candy was started by my two young daughters as a summer road-side stand. They decided they wanted to earn some extra cash and we came up with some unique flavors as a family and made all of our neighbors our official taste testers. One of our neighbors suggested that they enter our into an upcoming “Children’s Entrepreneur Fair” coming to town. Our girls (ages eight and ten) did all of the prep work for the fair and they were extremely successful. We decided that we needed to go big and start our own family business. Floss Cotton Candy was officially formed July 2019 and we haven’t sat still since! We now have an online store and supply 15 grocery stores and candy shops along with various market events and boutiques. Our amazing team has grown to include more family members and close friends who have made Floss what it is today. We are VERY excited to see where the future leads us! Read more>>

Rhonda Madrid | CEO & Founder

My business was a complete accident in the beginning! I started making jewelry as a creative outlet to keep my mind busy from anxiety and depression. I took $30 to a local craft store and purchased supplies, but soon realized that my new hobby was going to get expensive and I had a surplus of earrings! I started selling at first on social media to just friends and then in 2017 I created a website. In 2017 is when I really got serious about my business and rebranded. I knew at that point that it was more than just jewelry. My mission became to reach as many women as possible with my story. So many women suffer alone and in shame with their anxiety and depression. I want women to know that they are worthy of so much more in life! That if someone like me can have a successful business without a college degree, zero capital and a debilitating mental illness-so can they! Read more>>

Jay Kwan | Happy Buns Baker

We started selling Asian baking mixes due to the pandemic. We used to sell at events for our Asian bakery, but had to pivot during these times. We came up with the idea of Asian baking mixes since more people are at home baking, but the grocery stores do not have baking mixes that were diverse. Most were pancakes, cookies, brownies, and more. We pivoted our Asian bakery and converted our recipes to baking mixes that we could ship nationwide. By pivoting, we are now able to reach more customers and serve a niche need. People can order our Asian baking mixes from and have it shipped to their home, especially in areas where Asian bakeries and ingredients are limited. One of our popular Asian baking mixes is our almond cookies. The baking mixes take the fuss out of baking with pre-measured gourmet ingredients, foolproof recipes, and easy-to-understand directions. Read more>>