Through our work we have been constantly amazed at the incredible things people in every neighborhood are working on. What’s even more exciting is that they all have different stories, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. That there isn’t a single formula for success means that everyone can take their unique set of strengths and characteristics and turn it into a success story. We recently reached out to some folks we admire and asked them what characteristics they feel are responsible for their success.

Fifty Shades of FDE | Writer & Social Media Influencer

Being relatable to your audience. I try my best to show those who follow me through my blog, written reviews, social media posts that I have the same point of view when it comes to whether a product will work for their needs. That and being a positive, good human being helps. There’s so much negativity in this world so I try to be a positive influence so that it shows people that it is okay to do so. Read more>>

Iris King | Health Advocate & Content Creator

I find that when I allow myself to play and to be truly and unapologetically who I am – that’s usually when the magic happens, both in the content I produce and the lasting and meaningful relationships I make along the way. Read more>>

Paige Lombardi | Videographer

The most important factor behind my success in my business, is my passion. I love what I do and shows. Read more>>

Abcedy Carson | Teenage Model

The most important factor behind my success as a model is dedication. Growing up, because of my appearance, I was always talked about. From a young age, when I would be out in public, many people would stare or participate in microagressions such as “petting” my hair without permission or warning. Given the difference in treatment I experienced, I adopted the mindset that I was different and that being or looking differently was a negative thing. Read more>>

Lisa Duffield | Festival Producer & Retail Business Owner

I would love to say I’ve been successful because I’m an expert in my field or I have the most brilliant ideas. Sure, I’m creative and I do have authentic ideas but by far the most important factor has been my willingness to do the hard work, the tenacity to follow through and figure out how to make things happen without a road map. I haven’t done anything alone either, I’m in partnerships with amazing people who are strong in areas that I’m not, which has been really crucial. Read more>>

Kofi Dotse | Social Strategist & Digital Creator

Over the years in my career life, I would say the most important factor behind my success as a creator and strategist has been my personality and my passion for the job. Read more>>

Paul Gerard Porter | Technology Executive, Entrepreneur, and Super Host

Although Bon Vivant Properties is in the “Vacation Rental Industry”, we operate as if we were in the Hospitality Business rather than the Rental Property Business. Although location, amenities, and competitive pricing are vital to success in this Industry, they don’t guarantee success. Read more>>

Daren DeSylvia | Co-Owner

We are the very first franchise from Social Axe Throwing. There are locations in Utah that are family owned and operated for over 6 years. There systems and process along with our great staff and coaches has been our largest success. Read more>> 

Joe Faherty | Founder and CEO of Cloverleaf Networks

The most important factor behind our success and the success of the Cloverleaf brand is our desire to truly help our business customers solve the complex technology initiatives they are struggling with every single day. Cloverleaf was founded when a customer asked us to take on more responsibility because we went above and beyond what a normal consultancy would do. Read more>>

Heba Shammout | Cosmetic and General Dentist , Contact Creator , Mom of two boys

I definitely not easy to become a dentist in the USA, especially as an immigrant who comes to the USA and barely speak English, graduated from one of the best school in the country USC ( Ostrew Herman Shool of dentistry ) then be business partner, and IG and Tiktok content creator, Read more>>

Frank Smith | Professional musician, educator and conscious creation coach

Tenacity and belief in myself. Read more>>

Jamie Cavanaugh | President, Amerifund Home Loans, Inc.

At Amerifund Home Loans we understand that each transaction is unique. Since 2004 our business has been built on the foundation of valuing people over profits. From our clients, real estate partners, financial planners and our internal team members – we never waver from our commitment to providing exceptional service. Culture is everything and our average team member’s tenure is 14 years! Read more>>

Kerry Kerr McAvoy, Ph.D. | Psychologist, Author, & Content Creator

I have learned to use my personal failures for the benefit of others. Seven years ago, I was widowed after being married for thirty-one years. Propelled by grief, I rushed back into the dating world too fast and met and married a very abusive man. For two years I struggled to hold our failing relationship together, then he walked out. Devastated and confused, I began to write my story while I blogged about emotional and narcissistic abuse. This led me to connect with other creators who encouraged me to post on Instagram and TikTok. Read more>>

Chelsea Hamilton | Co-Founder & COO

It’s one thing to say that customer service matters as a brand. It’s another thing to actually walk the walk. People care about Simple Jane because we walk our walk when we say we care about our clients. So many little touches go into cultivating the service of our customers, and it makes the difference between us and just any other brand. Handwritten notes go into our online orders. We have a text line that gets responded to personally (and promptly) and like a real human (no bot syndrome!) and all emails are thoughtfully answered. It’s easy to take short-cuts or a one-response-fits-all approach to interacting with customers – but I really believe the fact that we don’t do that matters to our customers and keeps them coming back to us for years! Read more>>