We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Mistie Psaledas | Fit Force owner | Personal and Group Fitness Trainer

As a trainer and small business owner, I love helping people feel good and feel better. I challenge my clients and also create an experience of inclusivity and acceptance. The social aspect is just as important as the physical asset (mental AND physical) and the words “I’m sorry” are not allowed in my gym. Read more>>

B. Danielle Watkins | Best Selling Author, International Award Winning Screen Writer, Director, Producer, Actress, & Writing Coach

As a writer and a woman, the reality is there are not many people in the rooms who look like me. Being a black woman in a cisgender white man’s world is hard, and adding the LGBTQ+ component adds flare, but another strike against me when I walk into a room. I am a part of a unique sorority of women with a scarlet letter on our backs who are often overlooked and underappreciated. Read more>>

Kamil Jones | Artist/Engineer

I try to feed the people what needs to be heard. What may not be a popular opinion. The things people don’t acknowledge when navigating life. My goal is to bring the love back and make people see the world through empathetic and understanding eyes rather than thinking the world revolves around them. I am working on bringing back genuine unity and coexistence. Read more>>

Matthew Miller | Co-Founder of Apricus Greens

In a world where climate change is disrupting the atmosphere, our food requires more and more pesticides and herbicides to avoid contamination, our soil is losing its nutrients and beginning to degrade, and the need for healthy and sustainably produced food is an ever growing necessity, we must enact change in the way view farming and how we grow and transport produce. Read more>>

Publicity Conduct | Band & performers

We believe that music can really help someone during a hard time and really raise them to higher understanding to there own emotions. We show our true emotions in our lyrics so maybe other people can relate and feel Heard- as well. Read more>>

CW Allen | Hip Hop Artist, Author, and Community Development Worker

I am a Hip Hop artist based on the Southside of Chicago. My art reflects the stories and experiences of the Southside. My music has been used to encourage community members and event guest of all ages. We are currently planning a huge block party/festival for our community. Read more>>

Kerry Showalter | General Contractor

I believe in the ripple effect of do good, get good. We have had the opportunity over the years to leave our mark on Arizona and we hope we are seen as a company that worked hard to leave things better than how we found them. Over the years we have had the opportunity to work for nonprofits like Homeward Bound, adding to their campus that helps at risk women and children. Read more>>

April Amarillas | Salon Barber Owner

I always had a soft spot in my heart for giving back to the community. One project I spearheaded was haircuts for the homeless in Downtown Phoenix, AZ I saw it as a way to help improve confidence and boost low self-esteem felt by homeless people. A simple haircut can have a great effect on how someone looks and feels about themselves but it is not something that is affordable or a main priority for people in housing crisis and inflation surge. Read more>>

Lisa Love | Artist

Through my intention as an artist, art has the ability to shift the energy in a room. It makes for a happier more joyful environment to thrive in. Art communicates without words. It can draw you in, make you think, and serve to inspire. Art brightens our community and our world. Read more>>