We asked folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice that they disagree with.

Pam Covarrubias | Conscious Business Coach, EFT Practitioner & Podcaster

Practice affirmations. Read more>>

Alisia Bodrero | Owner

Generally, others advise new business owners to start with a detailed business plan. I don’t totally disagree with this but I also think it is wise to just hit the ground and RUN! Sometimes it is just as beneficial to start somewhere and let things fall into place. I see some entrepreneurs, including myself, getting hung up on creating the “perfect” plan. In business nothing is perfect so investing too much time in this may be unrealistic. Once substantial finances come into play then the need to refine your plan becomes more valuable. Don’t get hung up on all the little details, you can always pivot along the way and grow into the business you are creating. Read more>>

Adiba Nelson | Writer, Author & Speaker

“Always have a Plan B”. No. I fundamentally disagree with this. Have multiple avenues available at the ready to reach your goal, or even multiple Plan A’s, but *do not* have a Plan B. Having a Plan B almost guarantees you will not put your everything into your Plan A. Read more>>