Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Jenna Bricher | Full Bust Swimwear Designer

My business, like many others, was born out of necessity. So many women have been overlooked by antiquated sizing models, finding themselves lost in between straight-sized and plus-sized sizing. As a woman with curves, finding a well-fitting, confidence-inspiring bikini can feel like an impossible task. Considering standardized sizing in the US is still loosely based off of a 1940s study of mainly white, military women, Read more>>

LJ Strike | Professional Photographer and Dive Instructor

Both my parents have owned their own business, so I guess it was just a matter of time before I started one. It’s been a concept of mine for years; then, after being stuck in lockdown for a few months back in Australia, I was able to have some quality time to make a dream a reality. Read more>>

Marcus Watson | Owner of 57Fit

I wanted to teach people about sustainability and the long time health benefits of exercise . Before I began training, my career spanned 16+ years in youth work and education. I thought that the potential to merge education, youth work, and fitness could teach people how to use a simple long lasting approach to their overall health and wellness. Read more>>

Cheryl Bailey | Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Mindfulness/Meditation Instructor, Sound Healing Practitioner, and Certified Crystal Practitioner

My passion in the holistic and wellness field began years ago after personally facing several traumatic and life-altering events. I found a sense of purpose and meaning through the beautiful practice of yoga and meditation and the teachings served as an anchor and healing modality creating a deep and radical shift spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. This shift in perspective inspired me to share with others what I have discovered personally. We all have a story…a past, and experiences that are not so pleasant in our lives. We need to have support in helping to let go of these issues so we can move beyond them and become the best version of ourself. Read more>>

Lance Thorn | Narrative Content Creator

Most of my work life has been working with small business owners. I felt I was a sounding board for their dreams, fears, wants, passions, everything. In each situation, my role was always a developer in my different roles. The end goal has always been creating an experience for their customers that is enjoyable, easy and highly personalized. I’ve been told I can at times be a catalyst for others. Read more>>

Cassandra, Chelsea, & Kindra | Advanced Practice Nurses & Owners

As Advanced Practice Nurses, our passion for physical and aesthetic health & wellness has evolved from years working in the traditional strained healthcare arena. Seeing the need for a more compassionate method to deliver healthcare led to the ground up development of our small business. We want our clients to walk away feeling empowered and knowledgeable about their aesthetic and overall health. At SonAura Aesthetics & Infusions we aim to provide our clients a space where they feel cared for, informed, and confident in the treatments they receive. Read more>>

Miss Opportunity | Creative Marketing Director/CEO

Going through the thought process to start my own business all I could think about was how I was going against the expectations set on me. I was being told to finish school, get a job, start a family, become a leader of the community, and only use my gift as a hobby. Not being encouraged or taken seriously to have my own. So, I wanted to create a platform that would not only support entrepreneurs but market their services and products everywhere. Read more>>

Stacey McClure | Owner, CICADA

CICADA was born out of a love for trying to recreate some of my fondest memories here in the Sonoran desert. After losing several important people in my life, I needed a way to recreate the moments that reminded me of them – Orange blossoms and the sound of bees while playing under the grapefruit trees at my grandmother’s home, cactus blossom horizons with my dad, trying to stay warm around a campfire with my brother while the coyotes sing in the distant. I believe that all of these memories are rooted in scent. And these familiar scents, the ones that conjure joy and happiness, can comfort us. Even if we are not fully aware of it at the moment. Read more>>

Amber Leal | Creative Founder & Designer of Saguaro Paperie

After spending 5 years in a career that didn’t spark joy or passion for me, I hit an all time low in my life – emotionally, mentally, and creatively. I was forced to re-evaluate my life and identify what truly makes me feel alive. As hard as that season was, it was truly transformational and revealing for me. I realized that as much as I want to live a life that helps others, I also have a duty to myself to live a life that I love, because you cannot pour from an empty cup. Read more>>

Nicole Hoekstra | Wardrobe Stylist & Personal Shopper

I wanted to create a styling business that wasn’t intimidating or too specific for a certain type of person. The idea around Hoekstrastyles is to help anyone with any budget, style preference, age range, etc. to be able to get ready in the morning with ease and feel confident in themselves. Whether we think about it or not, we all represent ourselves first in the way we look, and this doesn’t mean you have to look perfect but it means that you show off how you feel, what your personality is, Read more>>

Walt Brown jr | Realestate Development, and redevelopment.

I truly wanted to build a lifestyle around a journey of my life, with all of the important things in life. Treating every day special with friends and family and have the ability to surround myself with amazing and inspiring people who constantly raise the bar. I felt i had the ability to know an individuals strengths and weaknesses, and felt i could build an amazing team of superstars. But always making sure the journey was enjoyable. Read more>>

Erin Kerby | Monat Brand Representative

Starting a business was never an aspiration of mine. I’ve always had other goals for my career path and that just wasn’t one of them. I completed college and went straight in to the law enforcement field. I’ve been in law enforcement for 11 years now and in it’s own way, had become routine. When I was about to have my second child, I knew I needed something to work on and work for during my maternity leave. Postpartum with my first was a bit of an ugly place. I wasn’t going to work, I didn’t have a routine, and nothing to challenge me. I had to make a change the second time around. Read more>>

Sean McGraw | Founder & Visionary

I knew from an early age that I wanted to start a business and answer to me and only me. My father is an entrepreneur which gave me the good fortune of being able to watch him grow a business throughout my childhood. There is something extremely attractive about being 100% responsible for your ultimate successes or failures. The sky is the limit and there’s no cap to the possibilities! Read more>>

Dionne Edwards | Wellness Curator & Founder of BOSSI Retreats

I am a true ATLien! Born and raised on the southeast side of Atlanta. I have two of the most amazing parents, four older siblings and many extended church family members. Growing up in the church, servant leadership was all that I knew and the example that my father, Bishop Frankie Key, Sr. set for me. I was taught to always lead with compassion and empathy; to work hard for what I wanted in life and to never stop trusting the power that is within me to guide me throughout life’s journey. I grew up believing that nothing was impossible and I had a relentless drive to be “successful”. I didn’t accept no for an answer and I was committed to the journey no matter how long it would take. Read more>>