Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Jason Washington | Co-Founder

The most important factor behind the Effort Fitness Brand is implementing that we are more than just a clothing brand. Effort is a LIFESTYLE and what we live by. We work hard and no matter what we do, we always put forth the EFFORT into whatever it is. We want to inspire others to find their own joy, it just takes a little EFFORT. EFFORT truly is for everyone, and we are a firm believer that the only person stopping you is you! You have to be the change that you want, whether that is losing weight, building muscle mass or even living a healthier lifestyle, all it takes is a little EFFORT. Read more>>

Karen Pierce | Consultant and Executive Coach, Investor

Courage I have always been an outside-the-box kind of person. Not many young girls wanted to fly airplanes when I was growing up. Most people laughed at me when I told them my dreams, and just the fact that I put it out there made me fearful. What if I couldn’t hack it? Either I stepped up and risked failure – or for that matter, success – or I lived forever wondering, “What if…?” Read more>>

Jaylin Gaston | Clothing Brand CEO & Music Creator

God, my wife/family, and just being myself. Most of the success that I have experienced with owning a clothing brand has come from making those personal connections with people. Being genuine, building rapport, and making sure that everything I put out or create has the best quality. I pride myself on making sure every garment, every order, or anything that I touch is the best that it can be.  Read more>>

Selena Soni | Anxiety and Life Transition Therapist

I have to say “gumption” and willingness are the two most important factors to my success. My grandmother always used the word gumption to describe me and told me to hold onto it. Willingness is something I learned later. It has helped me feel curious when uncomfortable, dream when questioning, try even if I fail. Without these two traits, I’d never have taken the first step to open MUV Counseling. As a therapist, I am naturally excited by change and how people can either change or not. Read more>>

Summer Monahan | Aesthetician/Owner

The most important factor behind Glow Up Aesthetics success is that we are strictly medical grade skin care & result driven vs. a typical “Spa”. We pride ourselves with top of the line skincare that is very innovative and constantly adapting to keep up with new sciences. Everything we use at Glow Up Aesthetics we truly believe in and have had successful results with many clients and feel that this sets us apart from other aesthetic practices in our industry. Read more>>

Brandon Titus | Emergency Vehicle Upfitter

The most important factor behind success is quality. You want to make sure you do quality work. You don’t want to have a customer come in for an install and then have to come back 10 times in a month to have issues fixed. If you do quality work your customers won’t have to come back with issues. They’ll come back for more work instead. Read more>>

Dina Aragona | Vibe Aligner & Organizing Strategist

The most important factor behind my personal success is my support system. Though I had the vision, motivation, etc., it was my support system that kept me inspired and lifted to pursue the next level. Read more>>