We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Mads Pennisi | Multimedia Artist

I get a good chunk of inspiration from old, cluttered spaces like antique malls and museums. There’s a word for this: “horror vacui”, or “fear of empty space”. My room is similarly cluttered with postcards, Cold War memorabilia, anime figurines, and random objects I’ve collected from friends and family. Recently, I’ve gotten plenty of ideas from Neocities (a play on Geocities), where users can build their own websites; old internet style. Each site has so much personality and creativity, it’s a unique way for artists to showcase their work as long as you know some html. Read more>>

John Idalis | Singer-Songwriter and Drag Performer

I’m inspired by honesty. When people are brutally honest, it inspires me. I know that’s kinda an odd thing to be inspired by haha, but it inspires me. To not be afraid of the truth, is something I admire. Read more>>

Danielle Skinner | Photographer

I am inspired by challenging the normal. The moments in which we are most challenged can create some of the most beautiful images. Taking a concept and twisting it outside the normal expectations of society. Everyday can be an adventure if you make the most of it. Read more>>