There is a wealth of research that indicates that certain habits can help increase your productivity, creativity, and/or drive. So, we thought we’d reach out to respected members of our community and ask them what habits they feel helped them succeed.

Ashley Cherry | The head + heart behind Light + Pine Photography

Consistency. Slow and steady wins the race. I keep showing up from a place of love and service for the families I serve! Read more>>

Meggin Tengberg | Owner + Photographer of Tengberg Studio

Habits are everything aren’t they? They are hard to form and hard to break but when you’ve created great habits because of the way you were raised, they are just second nature and that’s the best kind of habit to have. My parents taught me from a very young age a couple things that have formed me into the person that I am. They taught me that you have to work hard for anything that matters in your life. Nothing is free and you have to go through the tough hard parts to earn the wonderful parts. My dad taught me to work smarter not harder. He has always said, “why wouldn’t you do something right the first time? It just takes more time and makes more work for you if you have to do it twice.” Read more>>

Luke Watson | Artist

Developing multiple avenues of interest. My painting is my primary creative focus but even if you show up to the studio every day, it doesn’t mean you’ll get there ready to do your best work. Learning to be patient with completing work while redirecting my energy into alternative outlets when my interest and focus drops is a constant challenge, but when I find those several actions that satisfy my interest in different ways and moving between them creates a symbiosis that can amplify curiosity and productivity in your entire studio practice. For example, I have been teaching myself guitar, and have a few gardening projects in the works; when I’m in the studio I can work on a section and then take a rest by playing guitar for 20 minutes, when I’m home I can mess around outside and what I learn in the garden inspires and affects the work I make in the studio. Read more>>

Carole Pellatt | Freelance Guitarist/Instructor

Practicing my instrument all my life has been one of the habits that has helped me succeed. That works in sync with seeking more knowledge and continuously leaving myself open to knowledge of other styles of music, learning from other musicians, and constantly perfecting my practicing techniques. In business, I am all business. I draw up my own contracts, communicate concisely with clients to make sure I understand exactly what they need, and they understand exactly how I will deliver. All details are discussed well in advance and agreed upon. I am in constant contact with my clients, and always send them thank you notes after a performance. My work habits are: be ready for anything and everything. Show up on time (which, in my book, means early.) Make sure the clients feel comfortable and ultimately end up happy and proud to have made the good choice to hire me. Read more>>

Brett Burky | Biz Dev/Marketing at Paperstac & MWMfund

For me my habits are my processes I go through in the morning and throughout the workday. I am very list oriented and organized and always have a list of items I can accomplish. My habits is in how I use my tools. My tools are the following to make sure I keep good working habits: 1. Asana – anything that comes my plate or needs to be completed I add to different Projects and use the Kanban Board approach to move tasks through Backlog to in Progress to Completed. 2. Status Hero – I enter in each day the 3 things I am going to try to accomplish that day. 3. Focused – I uses the Pomodoro Method to time track my work and stay completely focused on the task at hand until my time is done. Having this type of structure has allowed me to manage a large workload and stay focused. This one habit I can contribute to my success at being a part of 2 active companies, a professor and still stay balanced with my family. Read more>>

David Bermudez | Actor and Producer

Honestly, the one thing I believe that has helped me to succeed to where I am so far is consistency. You can’t take breaks and become easily distracted. I always ask for advice, do research, and ask for feedback because I want to be the best at whatever it is that I do. Read more>>