We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Rini K | Independent Pop Music Artist

I started my music career as I was turning 15 and over the past two years I’ve done so many different things both creatively and business wise. However the one thing that never changed was my consistency and willingness to grow and improve. More than talent or connections, my work ethic has been the true core of my success. Read more>>

Eric Retterbush | Tintype Photographer

“Someday, I will be great” A simple open ended sentence from a journal some 20 years ago. I don’t know what I was envisioning I would be “great” at on that particular day. But I have come up with thousands of different things to try to be great at since then. I still believe I will be great at something, just as I did that day. Whether that be becoming a professional sports athlete or making a great grilled cheese sandwich for your loving partner. Read more>>

Brian B | Destination Event DJ, Industry Educator, Business Coach and Podcaster

For me, it’s a super simple formula. Work hard, stay humble, and then pay it forward. There’s an overlying theme of realizing that I will never full arrive as the “perfect” version of myself. The moment I feel like I’ve achieved something, it’s not time to relax. It’s the exact opposite – I hit the gas. Another theme is to be your authentic self. There’s no need to front in this day and age. Read more>>

Tabitha Myers | Managing Attorney

While there are several factors I could point to for the success of my business and brand (consistent high-quality work, accessibility, innovation in my field, etc.), I believe the single most important factor to my success, and the success of any brand, is authenticity. Read more>>

Ravi Singh | PhD Student and Engineer

The salient factor that led to the expansion of Climbing in Color was the need of the community. People have identified the gap in the outdoor community with regards to diversity and were looking for a way to bridge that gap. We saw the same issue and created Climbing in Color, based out of Tucson, AZ. Read more>>

Derek Hales | Founder & Editor-in-Chief of NapLab

Authenticity is the most important factor behind the success of NapLab. Over the last decade product reviews have become increasingly crowded, dishonest, and artificial. It’s hard to tell what reviews are honest, genuine, unbiased thoughts, and which are artificially curated by a marketing company or other nefarious actors. Read more>>

El Mendoza | Contracts Manager

GIVING BACK – I believe giving back to the people who need my help, to the people who were there during my struggle, and to the people who have always believed in me have always been one of the important factors in my success. To me, when I see the people I helped out achieve their dreams, I feel like it is my achievement as well. Read more>>