We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Danielle Dannie G.” Washington-Patterson | Model

As a creative person, I chose this path because it allows me to freely express myself and control the things that I love to do. It is a form of therapy when I model, am involved in creative direction, physically use my energies in the things I am passionate about. I am my biggest cheerleader and the most significant representation of my brand. This lane is mine, and I own it. Read more>>

Rachel Kline | Front Woman + Songwriter for Flowerbomb

To be honest, it felt like flowerbomb was something that I needed to pursue. As an artistic person, I’ve always been drawn to creative ways to express myself; writing music has always been an outlet for me to process and make sense of my experiences and connect them to the larger world around me. I created flowerbomb as a passion project, and I want to see where I can go with it. Read more>>

Damir Mitchell | Photographer & Videographer

Art is long and life is short. When I was first introduced to photography during highschool, it was something I genuinely wanted to learn. There are many aspects to photography from editing, lighting techniques, and things to photograph. With that being said, I have a never ending passion for learning in this field because once you master one aspect there’s 5 more things to learn which all make you a better artist. Read more>>

Joseph Lymous | Actor/Comedian/Puppeteer/Producer

I chose a life of art because I’ve always believed in the magic of production and storytelling. I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans contains so much magic with all of its roots in blended cultures, food, festivals, parades, art, and ghosts. As a young person I grew up to find out that Santa Claus isn’t real, the Easter Bunny isn’t real, but our other big holiday, Mardi Gras, is VERY real. Read more>>

Kid Cut | Rapper/Producer

Music has always been in my blood. I was named after the great jazz musician, Miles Davis and my father was a DJ (Kid Cut) in his early days so I’ve always been influenced by music from an early age. The beauty behind creating music is why I’m pursing this career. I love being able to create a song from an idea that I had in my head or sudden inspiration. The feeling of my music affecting other people keeps me pursing my dreams of being a global artist. Read more>>

Victoria Chaubo | Actress, Writer & Director

At a very young age I knew I wouldn’t be able to have a normal 9 to 5 job. I started to write when I was 11, I started with poem than songs and more recently scripts. Pursuing a creative career was always my dream but it’s also very challenging because of the risk you’re never guaranteed to work but it’s uncomfortable sometimes but definitely worth it. I have no regrets so far I can’t see myself doing something else Read more>>

Kristian Zenz | Author, Poet & Graphic Designer / Digital Artist

Throughout the years, and as I have grown as a person and have come to realize who I am individually, I have realized that I have always been a creative person. From a very young age I was interested in art, music, and creative outlets such as Lego. Regardless of what I am told regarding the lack of stability and financial struggle regarding artistic careers, I have realized that it was truly what I want to do, and it largely makes up who I aspire to be. Read more>>

Deanna Mance | Visual Artist

With good fortune I was introduced to an art practice in my teens through the guidance of dedicated art educators in my school. Their encouragement inspired me to think creatively about my future and pursue my own unique path as a practicing artist. It was in this moment that I had found my calling as an artist and understood art and life as inseparable. Read more>>

Scott Vo | Commercial Photographer | Owner of STUDIO V

I went after a creative career because I really enjoy having a creative outlet. My mind is naturally creative and I have a little logical side as well. Photography was not something I knew I wanted to do till I was halfway through undergrad at university. I was obtaining my degree in the medical field and my goals were to apply/attend medical school after I completed my undergrad. I used photography as my creative outlet when I wanted to take a break from my studies. Read more>>

Tiera Knaff | Artist

I pursued a creative career because I feel it was destined for me. Honestly, I didn’t see myself doing anything other than creating. I’ve always been a creative person since I was kid, so it’s like I had a head start on my career path before I actually had to decide a route I wanted to take. Drawing my favorite cartoons was my first introduction into art. Read more>>

Kim Syverson | Coastal Kim – Owner & Designer

Pursuing an artistic or creative career came naturally! I have always been a creative person and think outside of the box, even at a young age. Read more>>