Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Katy Ann Fox | Artist (Painting, Pottery) & Gallerist

Problem solving, spacing out while walking on wide outdoor trails, connecting others and dogs. Read more>>

Erick Barahona Ramos | Landscape photographer

I am happy when I am being my true self. Being my true self means being connected with my spirit in the present with nature. Since I was a kid the connection with mother Earth has been amazing. Read more>>

Nancy Padberg | President & CEO

For my personal life and business, when we build a family or team on respect, trust and value for one another you create a high performance enivironment. When people live in fear or lack of confidence, you lose creativity, innovation and momentum. Whether leading an organization or a family, I want to create a healthy culture where we all can thrive. We support each other in challenging times and lift each other up in celebration for successes! Read more>>

Andrea Reina | Dietitian, Chef, Yoga Instructor and Wine Enthusiast

Happiness could be something so small as well as defining bigger things in our life. What makes me happy is to be a source of positivity in other people’s lives. I love what I do because it makes me so happy to see people enjoying themselves, having a good time, being present and enjoying nourishing meals. Read more>>

John Celeste | Creative Director & Photographer

I’ve always been fascinated with the wild west. As boys, my brother & I would spend hours watching John Wayne movies, playing Cowboys & Indians and as I grew older, I loved to read stories and watch movies about Sitting Bull, Geronimo and famous notorious outlaws, Jesse James, Buffalo Bill, Wyatt Earp and of course the Gun Fight at the OK Corral. Read more>>

Madison Stevenson | Photographer

Being able to turn my passion into a business. I never understood how being a small business owner could make someone feel so alive, accomplished & happy until I became one. I love being able to be creative in my field, to capture special moments for others, and to see my own growth as a person & business owner. It’s very rewarding. Read more>>

Savanna Victoria Kapetanovic | Model, Dancer, Varsity Pommie

I am happy when I put myself out there & keep trying. I may not get chosen for every audition as a new model but I keep optimistic and try again. I love being on stage. It could be modeling for an Amazing designer, dancing for my school or Varsity football game or even competing on the pom or dance team. It gives me excitement, happiness & gratitude to be a part of it. Read more>>

Joseph Clark | Photographer

I love spending time with my wife Ashley and two dogs Norbit and Pooch. Travelling is the key to my happiness right now I’m always on the lookout for the next place to visit. I love everything about photography, I love the different genres to experiment, I love being able to create and edit different styles. So, when I get free time, I like to collab with fellow photographers, and edit photos makes me happy. Read more>>

Emma Hurren | Outdoor and travel enthusiast/chronic illness warrior

Traveling and spending time in the outdoors makes me so happy! Love exploring new places, meeting new people, and going out for long, big hikes. Love the excitement of the unknown, the unpredictability, and the sense of adventure. Read more>>

Carolin Wanitzek | Designer & Installation Artist

From the ground up I’m a rather happy person. There are also many things that optimize this state of satisfaction even more, in the private, as well as professional context, although it is sometimes difficult to separate. Read more>>