We asked some of the happiest folks we know to tell us their secret.

Brian Lane | Instagram @ChillVeganDude

Food, Learning, and Meaningful relationships. There’s no order to this but it’s just easiest to talk about food first. You won’t find anyone alive who doesn’t like eating food and food is amazing of course. I definitely sound crazy when I say this but even though I love food so much, once a year I will fast 5 days for multiple beneficial reasons. During this fast my love for food grows tenfold. You really don’t know how much you love food till you stop eating it. In addition to eating food, I love cooking and baking to share my beautiful mouth explosions with others. The act of sharing my food is evening more rewarding. What takes my food to the next level is learning new cooking techniques and understanding how flavor profiles play with each other on the playground of your palate. A combination of these has sprouted loads of meaningful relationships in the vegan community just because we all share the same love of food, cooking, and veganism. Read more>>

JORDY | Artist/Creative

I love to help people. I’d rather do for others than others do for me. Being able to help other people reach their highest self and look deeper than the surface you see everyday. I think happiness comes from natural effort onto something you have an undying passion for. Whatever you wouldn’t be able to live without doing, do it every chance you can. Read more>>

Shengwen Wu | Musician

There are lots of things that make me happy. But one of the most important things is music. Music is an universal language. When I first came to America, I barely spoke any English. I couldn’t make friends nor communicate, but I was able to play in band without a problem. Music helped me to be a part of a group and to start a new chapter of my life in America. During quarantine, practicing my instruments and making music is my biggest motivation in my daily life. There are so many things to learn and so much music to play. I can never get bored! I share my music videos on social media as well. It makes me happy to see that my music can bring people joy during difficult times. Read more>>

Paige Howell | Photographer

Creative freedom is what makes me the happiest! Being able to gather inspiration from my surroundings and then create something totally new from it brings me so much excitement and fulfillment. Seeing other artists create such unique and incredible art also gets me super stoked. Also, coffee and my cats. Read more>>

Ted Sueyoshi | Photographer, Content Creator, Sports Medicine Professional, Researcher

The fact that I have another day to live when I wake up in the morning makes me happy because you never know when it is going to end. Seeing other people smiling and happy makes me happy. Other than that, pieces of dark chocolate, ice cream, good coffee all make me happy (:. Read more>>