Happiness is everything. Where there is happiness, everything else is possible and so we asked the community to tell us what makes them happy.

Hannah Butcher | Destination Elopement & Couple’s Photographer || Canvas Photography

Happiness for me is getting to photograph the real moments in life. The stages you don’t ever want to forget about. One day you’re going to look back on your life and wish you had the memories in photo form to show the next generation. Read more>>

Kelsey Reust | Artist & Entrepreneur

Professionally? When my customers tell me the stories behind why they chose their piece. It may be a favorite vacation, where they were engaged, cities they lived, their first dog, and so many more. The entire point of my pieces is for you to be able to see your own memories between the lines, not for me to paint the picture completely for you. Personally? My dogs. After we got our first golden retriever, Gary, I found there was no way to be grumpy around him. If you’re having a bad day, just one look from his sweet smile makes me forget about all of it. Then we got Dave, our second goofy golden, and the silly happiness doubled. Read more>>

Ari Stant | Personal Stylist and Image consultant

I love fashion! Ever since I can remember I loved creating outfits that make me feel happy and excited for life. My experience with fashion started when I was very young. My grandma was a seamstress for bridal gowns and was always working on beautiful dresses and veils. She taught me to sew at a young age. When I learned to sew it was on a very old singer sewing machine, very old school. Then I would buy cute clothes and add on to them with different patterns and designs. To me making clothes brings me so much joy. I can look how I feel and that expression makes me feel overjoyed to be alive. Read more>>

Lori Vogel | wildlife artist

Many things make me happy! My families well being and their happiness probably tops the list. I also get a lot of joy from finding the perfect inspiration for my next painting. Time in my little studio to paint uninterrupted makes me REALLY happy. Connecting with others who “get” the moment I try to capture in my artwork is amazing. Spending time outdoors hiking, fishing or mushroom hunting makes me happy. I’m usually happy!😁 Read more>>

Albert Estergard | Creator, Comedian, Artist

In high school I set out with the plan to “be happy”. When people asked me what I was going to do, expecting to hear my college or career plans, it was just that “be happy” as my response. I have found much and many happy, in many ways and forms. I could list a number of different experiences and ideas that have consistently made me happy, but the two biggest common denominators are harmony and authenticity. But with any of that you have to remember and let yourself be happy when it happens. Read more>>