How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Amy Johnsen | Business Owner, Hair stylist, lash artist & spray tan tech.

Without risk there’s no reward. Life would be very boring without the ups and downs. That’s how we know we are alive and living. With risk comes the potential for failure but the way I see it is that failure is an illusion. There’s only lessons and it’s up to each individual person to create the meaning behind their own personal experience. In my life I don’t look at anything as a risk. I just follow my heart and intuition and it’s only brought me closer to my goals and dreams. Starting my own business with zero money in the bank, no one to lean on if it didn’t work but the drive to get out of toxic salon environments and away from damaging and abusive bosses was my drive. I believed in myself enough to go for it and to me whether my business continues to thrive and grow or not, is worth it. Loving myself enough to walk away from environments and people who aren’t good is reward enough. And I’m happy to say I’m not slowing down or moving backwards. Read more>>

Unisa Kamara | Motivational speakers/Global Youth advocate

Good afternoon Arizona Magazine, Risk taking has a downside as well as a positive to it, many of life’s most significant accomplishments need venturing outside of our comfort zone. Whether it’s overcoming nervousness to perform onstage such as myself being a motivational speaker, spending money to help your business develop which I did as i’m an entrepreneur, or putting yourself
out there for the opportunity to discover love, taking chances may lead
to some of life’s most gratifying experiences. Read more>>

DeVante Mack | Film Creator

Risk is apart of life. If risk are not taken, you’re not really living life. Risk impacted my life heavily. I loss my job in 2019 shortly after, I decide to put more focus into my YouTube Channel and create my show Sneaker Talk. Read more>>

Megan Cary | Photographer

Risk noun a situation involving exposure to danger. To do something that may result in loss, failure, etc. I think of risk as an oppurtuinty. Taking risks is uncomfortable. Success is not a comfortable. I had to get comfortable being uncomfortable. I took a risk and uprooted from Scottsdale, Arizona and moved to Music City, Nashville, Tennessee. I started my photography business full-time. I worked with local musicians, record labels, wedding venues, real estate companies, and really anyone who needed photos. It was the best decision I ever made for myself and career path. I established my brand, figured out what I liked and didn’t like. Figured out my style of photography and how to market myself. Read more>>

Orlando Murrieta | Customs Broker and International Trade Professional

I have always looked at risk as the first step to get to where you want to be. Whether is a personal goal, a better job, or starting your own business. You will always need to put risk on one side of the scale Read more>>

Jennifer Ruby Schenker | Hairstylist

One needs to take risks to grow. There will always be a chance of failure but you never know till you take the risk. With risk there will be success or failure either way you will learn a lesson and grow as a person and business. When a risk leads you to success its such an amazing feeling to know what you have been through or did in life to get past an obstacle that will help you lead a better more full life. Read more>>

Natalie Murphy | Microblading Artist

I think that taking risks is the only way to improve. Life starts outside of your comfort zone! I am always looking for ways to challenge myself inside and outside of my work, so that I can become a better version of myself. I took a huge risk when I started my business. I had a solid career in hospitality that I spent 15 years creating. I worked for the same company since I was 16 years old, and planned to work for them until I retired. I had a 401k, health insurance, four weeks of paid vacation, and great benefits on travel (which was the best perk). Read more>>

Monique Gomez | Licensed Massage Therapist and Licensed Master Social Worker

Risk is essential for growing your business. I wouldn’t be where I am today without taking multiple risks. I wouldn’t have the confidence to talk to anyone about my brand, massage style or who I am as a helper. Starting my mobile massage business after only having five clients a month was a risk to my time as it has been a “side hustle” for four years. After three years of loss and being at risk of penalties from State or Federal “hobby laws” I moved into a suite. After moving I lost 20 percent of my clientele that I had gained from word of mouth, and finally gained profit for the first time, a VERY small profit. Read more>>