So many of the folks we work with have multidimensional stories. They often aren’t just working on a single project, business or mission – instead they are often involved in so many things all at once and so we often wonder about what they themselves hope their legacy will be about. We’ve shared some of their responses with you below.

Lorri Zenoni, DrPh | Preventive Care Specialist & Wellness Warrior

Over time, my legacy continues to grow as I see what develops in life and the impact I want my life to have on people. Even as a young child, I had the desire to help people. I held a Ronald McDonald House fundraiser at the young age of 8 by having a carnival-like atmosphere in my backyard and raising funds for this charity. While my parents assisted in the set-up, they allowed me to run the event and learn valuable life lessons. Throughout my life, I have always had the desire to help others, especially help them to improve their own health.
As my own life progresses, I realize that I want my legacy to be that I helped people to live a full, healthy life, feeling their best. I want to provide a value that greatly exceeds what they could do on their own. I want to provide that value with integrity, honesty and compassion. As a young child I was bullied for being overweight. I know the pain and hurt that comes from being unhealthy and I want to make sure that I can empower others to live a healthier life. I do this by providing people with the tools and resources to fuel their bodies to stay healthy and strong. Read more>>

Alexander Clark | CADMIUM (Music Producer/Artist)

In my career field as a music producer and artist, I would want people to remember me by the joy I brought them when they heard my music for the first and continual time. I want people to hear the song I created and give them a piece of nostalgia when they sing the lyrics. When people hear the songs I provide, I want them to have a strong memory of a day they were happy or sad about a specific time in their life. Music is such a beautiful gift to this world and I would feel humbled to be remembered by the creative sounds that I was able to give to the world through my own thoughts and feelings. Read more>>

Alberto Jamaica Larrotta | Accordionist, Composer and Music Producer

Hello everyone, I’m Alberto Jamaica Larrotta, a professional accordionist mostly known as “Beto Jamaica el Rey Vallenato”. I was born in Bogota, Colombia, on April the 3rd, 1965. I have 45 years of experience in the music business and I’m deeply grateful for having the opportunity to share with you my path and my views and expectations regarding my legacy. About my musical brackgound, I’ve participated as a music producer, accordionist, singer, chorus member in many record productions, and I have travelled to more than 15 countries divulging the Vallenato music around the world. I’ve been awarded by governmental institutions and I’ve been a jury in folkloric festivals here in Colombia. Read more>>

Aryan Cope | CEO and Chauffeur

As far as my legacy I would like my business to grow to the point where when people think about Articus Lifestyles I want people to immediately think of excellent and reliable service and a leader in the industry. What I want people to know about me is that I’m driven to excel in the things that I undertake, whether it’s business, sports, or my personal life. I strive for excellence. Read more>>

Antonio Diaz | Leadership consultant / fitness influencer

I want my legacy to be a household name that people can look to when they feel like giving up, fearful to attempt. discouraged, hopeless, broken, or need to be reminded of the king or queen they are. Read more>>

TJ Simmons | Online Personal Trainer

A lot of personal trainers get into personal training wanting to make a lot of money, get a lot of followers/become Instagram famous, or get sponsorships and endorsements from fitness companies. There are very few people who genuinely get into personal training to really help people. This is what I want my legacy to be and what I want people to remember me for. I pride myself in helping people to change their lives. Seeing clients being able to fit into clothes they haven’t been able to fit in years or hearing about how their current clothes are falling off of them because they are so loose, truly makes me so happy. Read more>>

Erin Seematter-Shea | Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

I think as you get older, the idea of what legacy you will leave behind starts to change. We mature, have families and realize that legacy becomes less about the material things and more about how you made people feel during your life. The love and kindness you showed no matter who you encountered or what the circumstance was. Read more>>