We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Amara Leggett | Author, Speaker & Entrepreneur

People outside the education industry, especially about the Dual Enrollment program, are unaware of the sheer amount of students taking college classes while they are in high school. There are community colleges and universities where almost half of the student body is dual enrolled. Stories continue to spread, like mine of graduating high school and college at 16, but no one wonders exactly how those young students did it. This curiosity is how my brand got started. I built my international speaking business around people who were interested in my story and how I could share with others the steps to do the same. Launching the Dual Enrollment Company was the next step in truly capitalizing on the Dual Enrollment market and creating products, services, and content to help students thrive in this world-renowned program. Read more>>

Priscilla Nelson | Contemporary Figurative Artist

The amount of time invested to create the product and the high cost of the materials. I am a contemporary figurative artist. Some of my paintings take up to 16 months to complete. Most, on average, take 3-4 months. Whenever I mention to someone the cost of my paints and canvases, they are quite often shocked. Read more>>

Nia Ali | Educator & Activist

I am in the educational industry. I am sure many people do not know that we are in an educational crisis that is greatly affecting our community. When we fail our students, we ultimately fail ourselves, and impart, fail our communities. There is a massive academic achievement gap. Marginalized students are not given the same opportunity for success as more affluent students. When you take a look at standardized testing in the greater Phoenix area, on average, not even 25% of melanated students are able to score a proficiency rate or higher. When you look more closely, most of these students have not mastered reading, thus impacting ever academic area. We must work collectively to close the gap and provide every student an equitable educational experience. In regards to discipline, I am sure the public is unaware of the major disparities in regards to discipline in regards to students of color. Read more>>