Communications Strategist & Entrepreneur Reshauna Striggles opens up to us about a favorite book and the lessons learned from it below.

Reshauna, thank you so much for joining us again.  Maybe you can open up today about your favorite book?
Without a doubt, my favorite book is a sensational little vibe by the name of ‘Pleasure Activism’. This piece by Adrienne Maree Brown has grown and shaped my path to true womanhood. The premise of the book surrounds the ideal of having and nurturing one’s pleasure lineage. ​The book begs the question, “Who taught you to feel good?”​For quite a while, I felt I was simply on earth to overcome; to survive. I didn’t have an answer to what or who taught me to feel good. When you look at my family history, specifically Doris Porter’s ‘Saving Memory of Self’, you’ll understand there was a strong need for survival skills in my family lineage. My mother toiled and persevered through life, and my grandfather did the same, both savoring life’s minor pleasures as they entered. A working sacrifice to provide my generation the opportunity to gain the successes history did not afford my ancestors despite their work ethic. Getting along on the foundation of their sacrifice, I found a greater need for tools of healing and happiness; both of which I found reading this book. outside of survival; both of which I gained from reading this book. My siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles are a pivotal bookmark of change between my family’s lineage from ‘living to work’ to ‘working live’ and beyond. Our businesses, passion projects and budding family traditions are fruit to the seeds planted before us. Adrienne’s written words gave me the keys to unlock a life of bliss. By practicing a balance of equally protecting my pleasures as much as I fight for my rights, I’m able to craft a legacy of not only surviving but to thriving in life. I will leave behind a wonderful memory of self; full of enjoyment, relief, and pure joy. A life that begs the question. ‘Is work, in the rudimentary sense, necessary to feel good and/or gain success?’

Great, and maybe before we go, you can quickly tell folks a bit more about your work and how they can connect with you?
As a Communications Strategist, I connect brands to their audiences; Whether in the streets or on the screens.

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