Risk is the most common topic that comes up in our conversations with entrepreneurs and so each week we ask entrepreneurs to talk to us on the record about how they think about risk.

Tucker Nivison | Nurse Injector

Risk-taking is an essential balance of all starting out ideas, businesses and endeavors. Without the pursuit of “a risk” there is no personal faith behind the venture…plain and simple. In my opinion, risk taking in business should be viewed as acquiring knowledge. One would not expect to speak a new language over night, but each time the new language was diligently practiced and spoken, a synergistic affect complimented with confidence emerges. So with risk taking, the more risk, the more the successful outcome should be…but one should not try to have their name in bright lights over nigh….successful outcomes from risk taking should be learn, and acquired over time to essentially be transformed from risk-taking into risk management. Read more>>

Tyler Burke | Kingdom Entrepreneur

Risk taking aka having faith, has played a massive role in my life. I am a firm believer that if God calls me to something, it is not to tease me, but to bring me success. Success can look like an infinite amount of things, not just money. For example, I was awarded “Sales rep of the Americas” at Intel and felt called to up and go on a year long, 18 county wide, mission trip. My faith in Jesus has been a big part of my life so when I felt called to sell mostly everything I owned, quit my job, pack a bag and go help people around the world… I couldn’t say no. Read more>>

Lindsay Burk | Physician Associate & MedSpa Owner

I think of risk as something that is nerve wracking and uncomfortable, but ultimately necessary and inevitable. If you don’t take risks in life then it’s hard for you to grow and move forward. You must take risks to step out of your comfort zone and become something greater. I have taken several risks in my life and failed at plenty of them. I’m still standing though and I only learned from them and gained more experience and knowledge. If you asked me ten years ago if I would be owning my own business at this point in my life, I would have said absolutely not. Read more>>

Megan McCarter | Welder/fabricator/sculptor

How do I think about risk? Role of risk in my life/career? Risk is relative; relative to means, beliefs, location, abilities, and experiences. I have very seldom categorized events or choices as a risk, aside of jumping from high places and some spiders. Coming from a rural areas of the southern midwest taking risks has never been a catalyst of fear, not having opportunities has been. Growing up the eighth child in a fairly resistant family, there was not much impression of risk. I viewed risk and opportunity as the same thing, I feel only after becoming a mother myself have I become fully aware of what risk is. Read more>>

Connor Daily | Music Producer, Teacher, Mentor

Risk is opportunity. I started working as a mechanic right out of high school and eventually ended up with great pay and benefits, but I wasn’t happy doing it. Drumming had always been a passion of mine- basically every moment not working I spent practicing and playing shows with bands. I began producing electronic music in 2017 and always wished I had more time to spend focusing on growing as a producer. I decided (to the dismay of my family) that I was leaving the automotive field to set my sights on music. Read more>>

Katie Halligan and Marty LoFaso | Musicians in Tart Vandelay

We view taking risks as a necessity in life for multiple reasons. We’re originally from the Great Lakes region, and we witnessed a lot of de-industrialization that left people jobless and without pensions right before they were about to retire, and these were people who had taken the “safe route” in their careers. Seeing that really helped us be bolder about taking risks; after all, if the “safe route” can blow up in your face, why not just take a chance? “I wish I’d taken more risks” is also a common refrain from people who are reaching the end of their lives, so we try to keep that perspective in mind; we’d rather look back and say “oh well” than “what if”. Also, taking risks is just more fun! We’re here to live life to the fullest; that can’t happen if you’re too afraid to take chances. Read more>>

Diona Devincenzi | Songwriter/Artist/Producer

“Risk taking: how do you think about risk, what role has taking risks played in your life/career”. I have seen the most growth when taking risks.  This has been a pivotal part of my life and career. The biggest career risk I took  was when I decided to uproot from CA and move to Nashville to pursue songwriting professionally.  I knew it was important to put myself in a music center where I would be around other songwriters, musicians, producers and have the greatest ability to learn and improve my craft. Full transparency, leaving my hometown with all the people and things I had known for decades  wasn’t comfortable or easy for the first few years. When I moved to Nashville (which I did alone) there were moments when I would think to myself “man, I could get run over by a bus and no one would know.” Read more>>

Olivia Phare | Photographer

You know, a mentor of mine once said, “Fear is the beacon,” and that became a kind of credo for me. “Risk” plays a big factor in my life and my art. Where other people may see risk and the accompanying fear as a negative experience, I see it as the place where the good stuff really begins. I think the clearest example of this is with my work. I try to stay extremely vulnerable with my concepts and execution, and being deeply honest comes with a lot of risks: “What will people think? How will I explain myself?” etc. These are the kinds of questions that let me know I’m on to something good, and rather than trying to cover up or hide it, I try to get even more open and honest and raw. Fear, risk guides me to my best work. Sometimes, the risk of being that vulnerable ends up being, “expensive,” and I’ve definitely had my share of loss as the result. Read more>>

Julia Alenius | Content Creator

I love a challenge, and I think that’s why I haven’t been afraid of taking risks in my life and career. I moved abroad when I was 19 years old and have been living in Spain, Malta, and the United States since then. Moving to a new country without knowing anyone has always been a risk in itself, but I loved the feeling of exploring new and unknown territory. My friends think I am a bit weird when I prefer to travel by myself, haha. I have been on many trips, both shorter and some that lasted for months, all by myself. One of the best things I know is to drive across the US and spend weeks in my car, exploring new places. It may be a risk, especially alone as a girl, but I love the feeling of freedom! Read more>>

Jeff Markell | Sr. Mortgage Consultant and Reverse Mortgage Evangelist

As far as in life, I have sought out, trained for and accomplished physical challenges such as climbing Mt. Whitney and riding in Centuries (100-mile bike rides.) There is great personal satisfaction in finishing these demanding events and risk is injury or even worse. In my career, working as a Broker for commission and no safety net of a salary, there is great risk of being able to provide for my family and juggling the demand of working exhausting hours. Many years ago, my Grandmother was dying in a nursing home and we all thought her mind was gone. In a brief moment of clarity, she spoke to me about my Dad and how he worked the same job for so many years and did the same thing every day and how I was not wired that way and I would find my path. I didn’t understand at the time, but I do now. I don’t do well with “Groundhog Day” and the mortgage business brings me and all who are in it different people, different scenarios, different outcomes and different successes every day. No two days are alike. Read more>>

Cecelia Losinger | CBD Business Owner & Cannabis Advocate

Cecelia: Risk is something we all must take on a daily basis with our choices. It’s a risk to start a business, and its a risk to not start a business – just depends on how you look at it. When it came to starting up DVNTY CBD, Enrique (fiance/co-founder) and I both were at a moment in our lives where we needed change. Either we would keep working for unaligned businesses, or we would take the leap and start our own business that aligned with our values in life. We chose to risk our “stable & comfortable” incomes for an adventure through entrepreneurship. If it weren’t for that sudden decision to go all in and create what we had visualized in our minds, we wouldn’t be where we are today – launched with a private foundation to donate 10% of profits to. Read more>>