Are you thinking about starting a business?  If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Michelle & Ashley Berryman & Richards | Desert Moms Blog Founders

Motherhood can be isolating. It’s so much easier to make friends when we are younger and all going through many of the same life situations. It’s also hard to get quality time with the friends you are able to hang on to during motherhood. Sure, you might get together for play dates or birthday partied, but any mom know that’s not enough to fill your own emotional bucket. When you do pencil in a girls’ night, it’s hard to get ready because you are fricken’ tired and the guilt about leaving your family creeps in. Read more>>

Kathryn Lemancik | Libby Lou Creations, LLC

I started my business late in life after retirement! Being retired has allowed me the time to work on things I enjoy with no time restraints. I discovered that I have a talent for matching and combining fabrics and colors to create unique items that appeal to a large audience. The positive feedback and requests for special orders gave me the incentive to start Libby Lou Creations and see where it would take me. Read more>>

April Schaffroth | Farmers Insurance Agency Owner

After graduating from ASU (go Sun Devils), I quickly found my niche in sales and moved my way up in the corporate world. As much as I loved working and learning with others in a traditional company, I knew I wanted to have my own small business. Little did I know, I would have my own business before turning 30. I started my agency and have loved every minute since. I am so grateful to have incredible staff and a fun office environment. Read more>>

Emily Miller-Fitzgibbons | Photographer & Aspiring Cinematographer

I’ve always surrounded myself with art, even from a young age. In more ways than one, the opportunity to expand my creativity through the visual arts has consistently influenced me in everything I do. When I got to the age where it was time to start steering myself into a specific career path, I automatically knew it was going to be in some form of art… but I wasn’t sure which one. I started my “Millart4You” drawing business and made my website the year I graduated from high school, but something didn’t feel quite right. Read more>>

Stacy Hedrick | Acrylic Artist

I started my pet portrait business so I would have a little side income now but also so I can continue to build upon it for extra income when I retire in the future. My clients send me their photos of their pet and I create a Hand painted pet portrait for them. I started about two years ago and I can really see my improvements along the way. I’m faster at it and it’s easy for me to paint from any picture now. I also have started painting abstract paintings as well as pet portraits. Read more>>