Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business.  So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Mathew McGraw | Fashion and Editorial Photographer

When I first thought about creating a business I remember it was the most terrifying thing to me and at the time the most impossible thing to do. I kept looking at all the obstacles that were going to be in my way. “I’m too young (I was 19 at the time),” “I don’t have the skills for this,” “Don’t I need a degree to start a business,” “I will not be a poor Starving Artist!” All these thoughts created doubt in my mind and kept telling me it was impossible, but one day I talked to a former teacher of mine, Lisa Baker, about all my fears and she asked me a simple question, “What is your dream?” It took me a minute to think about but it was only to find the right words, my dream had always been to be on Magazine covers. Read more>>

Priscilla Chavez | Photographer

I’m the type of person that lets “fear” and “what ifs” get in the way. As I was practicing Photography at home with my own family taking random photos… My husband takes a big a part in why I started. His encouragement, faith, trust and guidance in me is what pushed me to move forward. He said start small, let your work speak for its self. With myself suffering from depression and anxiety I couldn’t see forward. I didn’t believe in myself. I’m my own worse critic. I knew my own worth and passion was and is stronger than my fear. So I let that fear go and said “I’ve got this”. I started small, no social media, just word of mouth. Read more>>

J.D. Guerrero | Physical Education Specialist & Coach

My thought process for starting my own business started as a way to help young athletes get better at the sports they love by specific sports training. Combined with creating a brand and more importantly giving back to the community. I am a Physical Education Teacher K-6th grade and high school football coach. I have been teaching and coaching for over 13yrs and still enjoy everything about it. I am most proud of the impact I have had on the students and athletes that I have had the privilege of working with throughout my career. Read more>>

Kara Jenkins | Owner of TLC House & Pet Sitting Service

As I was growing up and caring for animals, It seemed only natural to start my own business TLC House & Pet Sitting caring for pets is always my passion. Ever since I can remember, I was always helping my mom with all of our pets and as I was growing up. We had a cat, Gerbils, white mice, fish and horses. I loved them all. While living at home, I showed our dogs for AKC Obedience training and certification. In addition, I helped my mom at her boarding facility with all the facets of her business. Read more>>

Jeremy Daniel | Owner of Cosmic Soup Recording

I made the decision that since I couldn’t work at a commercial recording studio, I was going to create my own recording studio and I was going to make Cosmic Soup Recording a household name. I went to school for audio recording in 2006 and I had every intention of working as an intern at a successful commercial recording studio. I assumed I would work up the ladder into a role as a full time audio engineer / producer. I just figured that this would be the necessary path for my career. Unfortunately it was harder than I thought to get an internship. I didn’t really want to move to Los Angeles or New York and Seattle wasn’t calling be back so I stayed in Phoenix. Read more>>

Harley Chapman | Hairstylist, Studio Owner, and Educator

When I was in beauty school, a couple of my friends were getting married and I did their hair. This turned into a few more friends asking, some families members, and then it just kind of started snow-balling from there. I was doing a ton of weddings on my own and really started to build a sustainable business from just that. I was also an employee of a salon at the time so I worked full time there and did my weddings on the weekend. Eventually my schedule just couldn’t handle being a full time employee and business owner. So in 2017, I quite my job and opened a studio with a friend. I worked there for 1 year before opening my very own salon studio in Tempe, Arizona called, Strand Hair Studio. Read more>>