Are you a risk taker? Do you think you have a stronger appetite for risk relative to your friends and family? We asked some folks from the community about their approaches to risk and have shared their thoughts below.

Alicia Barrios | Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

I had the honor and privilege to be born into a family of immigrants. My parents immigrated from Mexico in the 80’s. I watched as my parents navigated culture differences, language barriers and economic hardships. They accepted them with grace and hard work. Years into them being in the US, they have been able to grow their own business and take many risks of their own. My parents were always really honest with talking about all things business, finances, and struggles. They were honest even when they failed. This was the example that I grew up seeing. Read more>>

Steven Kinsley | Steven Kinsley | Owner and Founder of The Den

First off, thanks for having me be apart of this. It’s crazy for me to think that I would be given the opportunity to tell my story and hopefully help a few people on the way to taking their leap to becoming their own boss and stepping into the world of entrepreneurship. Risk in business is a crazy topic. It’s one that not a lot of people like to talk about. The idea of taking risks makes most people uncomfortable, but if there was no risk there would literally be no reward. As much as I hate tacky cliche sayings that’s as true as it gets. Read more>>

Ashley Delrosario | Creator & Chef

Anyone starting their own business journey is bound to take countless risks in the process. Risk is everywhere in life, especially when you jump into the unknown and trust your gut! For me, after working in the food industry for as long as I can remember, trying the corporate 9-5 life…I knew I was meant for more and I had a higher calling. I took a risk and bet on myself to work for myself doing what I love… and nourishing poeple! Read more>>

Shauna Brown | Athletic Trainer, Massage Therapist, Strength Coach

Where there is opportunity, there is risk. It is what propels us forward. Taking advantage of the unusual, rather than being comfortable with the ordinary. Trusting in your vision and doubling down on hard work. With hard work, doors open. Luck grows. It traces back to every aspect of my life and career. I’ve learned the value of consistent hard work and the road it leads you to. Read more>>

David Giuseppone | Athlete & Business Owner

I like to use “risk” as a valuable tool, from every day riding (snowboarding or skating) to business decisions. Calculated risk has been a major theme;
having recovered from a nasty motocross accident, I envision an imaginary line of plausibility. I’ve been inspired by these riders lately: Chris Beresford
Lisa Anderson Danny Davis Nick Tucker Donovan Frankenreiter Tom Carroll I’ve been influenced by these riders because they all talk about different variations
on the “flow state”. Read more>>

Jerome Greene | Private & Personal Chef

Risk taking plays a very important part when In business not only in business with anything in life.. I took a huge risk when I left my car, Job, home, family, to pack up a duffle bag and move across country to a city to start a business. To a city and state I had no clue about no friends no family no support just me and a dream and Dedication to step out side of my element Read more>>