Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Ben Lovrien | Content Creator

Being creative, and sharing my perspective through my work while impacting others lives in a positive way is what I feel I was put here to do. Pursuing this career path gives me the chance to leave my mark on the world, and change someone’s life for the better just through sharing what I love with other people. Read more>>

Taryn Okesson | Visual Artist

Creativity was never a choice it is a compulsion. I remember other kids in my elementary class trying to get me in trouble for doodling while the teacher was talking. I am compelled to create no matter what environment I’m in. Eventually I gave up on other majors in college and realized the only way I’d finish my BFA was if I went to the visual art department. I needed a major that I had a passion for to see me through to the end. At this time in my life, I can focus on my creative endeavors, put some extra effort in and see what happens. Each time I’ve said yes to art I’ve been rewarded. Read more>>

Craig Peterman | Photographer & Videographer

I choose a creative career because it gives me the opportunity to meet, and work with, amazing people while experiencing once in a lifetime events/moments. I get to be myself and let my creative juices flow while having a great time doing it! What really keeps me energized is seeing the reactions and response to giving my clients their pictures/videos and how they connect with it in a deep emotional manner; that makes all the hard work worth it. Read more>>

Sydney Norris | Photographer & Graphic Designer

(WHY I PURSUED AN ARTISTIC CAREER) I pursued an artistic career because I love using my artistic abilities to share how I see the world. Being a creative business owner allows me to push limits, try new things, pave new paths; Whereas in a lot of other careers, there are walls and limiting expectations you have to work within. Read more>>

Amber Roper | Fiber Artist: The Bluhen Studio

My identity and schooling experience are the main reasons why I pursued an artistic career, as well as my natural creative ability allowing me to flourish and gain success. A main factor in my journey to becoming an artist was my family upbringing. I didn’t have the privilege of following in anyone’s artistic footsteps, or being financially supported to take such an unconventional path, but I was always celebrated for being the person I was. I had a supportive family that
recognized and understood my talents even before I did. The title ‘Artist’ was always a dream identity to me as a little girl growing up and I always believed in the possibility to become an artist throughout my life. Read more>>

Shannon Love Phillips | Life – Model Coach , Fashion Model, Host, Creative Director

It’s the only thing that makes me happy. Instead of going against every cell in my body I thought t would be best for me to move with the flow. Growing up I heard how unfruitful creative careers were. Now that I’m older I reflected on those moments and figured the people telling me that had deeper issues. When God or the universe (whoever/whatever you believe in) gives YOU a vision it’s meant for you. Read more>>

Angela Masker | Visual Artist

I initially chose to pursue an artistic career because above all else, I felt compelled to create. During lectures in school I would always find myself drawing – keeping my hands moving helped me to concentrate on presentations and discussions, and at the same time I always felt a need to keep track of the many ideas that would pass through my mind throughout the day. My sketches would bookmark the concepts for me to return to at a later date when I could realize them into complete drawings or paintings. I wanted to dedicate as much of my time and energy as possible to creating art – it has always been more fulfilling to me than anything else. Read more>>