Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Ellie Fern | Singer-Songwriter

Music has always been a really special aspect of my life and some of my greatest memories revolve around music. Throughout my childhood, my parents constantly had music playing in my house. Eventually I asked them for piano lessons and from there my passion blossomed. I joined choir, picked up guitar, taught myself ukulele, and began writing music. The dream of having a career in music started to become a reality for me almost 3 years ago. I began booking gigs around Arizona, releasing an album, and growing my fan base. When it came time to decide on what to study in college, the decision was very easy for me. I really could not see myself doing anything else with my life except pursuing a career in music. I am currently working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with a concentration in Popular Music at Arizona State University. Read more>>

Gil Rodriguez | Musician & Songwriter

The main reason for pursing a creative career was so I could work on my own terms and have satisfaction in something I created mainly for myself as a means of expression. If other people happen to like it or relate to it then that’s an added bonus. Read more>>

Dfactor Pop | Rock ‘n Roll Singer/Songwriter

Creativity is a blessing. Too many people take it for granted that they can play a guitar or piano or whatever. I think it’s such a gift that I am able to rock out on guitar to record my songs, or play some piano to add some color to my recordings. I pursued a creative career to sing and play powerpop rock ‘n roll songs to show that, in some ways, guitar-oriented rock songs are still worth pursuing. This is not a dead style of music, it just needs the three key things for a great song – a hook, a melody and some guts. Add too much sugar and you get saccharine. My creative impulses add a slice of me to the table. Call me Dfactor pie. Catch me for some dessert soon! Read more>>