We asked the community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us. Check some of those out below.

Riley Novak | Founder of HeartBEATS, High School Senior at Arizona School for the Arts

Anne Frank wrote, “How wonderful is it that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” This is a quote that resonates deeply with me. In today’s world, we are dealing with so many difficulties…a pandemic, climate change, economic disparities, and deeply divided communities and, at times, it would be easy to fall into a pit of despair. But, we, especially young people, cannot give up hope. We all have the ability to make change in the world in big and small ways. Each time we choose to take a positive step, we make the world a kinder, better place. There are so many opportunities for all of us to make a difference in our own way. Throughout my life, I’ve been involved in a variety of service-oriented activities. I’ve spent the morning picking up litter near my school, wrapped holiday presents for patients at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, cleaned and repaired bikes for refugees with Phantom Cyclist, and helped to run GOALS, a soccer program that fosters connections among kids with and without disabilities. Read more>>

Cliff Smith | Radio Host, Actor, and Health Insurance Specialist

My favorite quote is also a daily affirmation that came to me out of the blue one day and it goes like this, “The Spirit Of Universal Love is the S.O.U.L. of all that is”. To me, that says it all about why we are here and what our mission is. If the Universe has a Soul, then it’s our job to remember that we are all created from the same source that is the soul of all that exists. It’s a quick, easy way to remind myself, even in the most trying times, that we are all made from the spirit of love and we are all part of the same SOUL. Read more>>

Emby Alexander | Composer/Producer

“Between thought and expression lies a lifetime.” – Lou Reed . I spend lots of time daydreaming and in contemplation. These daydreams are the germs that eventually become our songs. It can be difficult to capture what I hear in my head, especially trying to involve friends and collaborators. For all of the struggles I believe the pursuit is worth all of the difficulties. Read more>>