One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Marci Hernandez | CEO of Keepers

When we first launched Keepers, we didn’t fully understand how vital our services would be. The more local businesses we worked with, the more gratitude and relief our clients expressed, the more we saw that our goal wasn’t just to clean floors and restock supplies. It was to allow teams and managers to focus on what matters to their businesses. Read more>>

Maegan Blau | Owner & Lead Designer

We are bringing traditional interior design practices to those living with disabilities. In the past adaptive design has been associated with hospital – like decor style and has overlooked the style of the individual. Our design studio combines beauty and function to elevate and empower the lives of our clients. We believe great design should be accessible to everyone and focus on finding creative ways to make spaces work for the whole family while upholding personal style. Read more>>

Cory Hanson | General Manager of Rock Solid Climbing

Fitness works for a lot more people when it is focused on the activity and not the results. Rock Solid Climbing and the climbing industry as a whole is are about making fitness fun. You are going to want to come back and do it again. Whether you are looking to maintain or make changes to your fitness level the most important step component is consistency and consistency is a lot easier if you are having fun. Read more>>

Dawn Kozlevchar | Personal Branding Photographer

My role as a personal branding photographer generates expression and communication through creative and intentional imagery. I support entrepreneurs in reaching their goals by capturing the essence of their brand, presenting products/services as well as highlighting their personality and introducing their interests so they can be more easily relatable and connect deeper with their audience, whether it’s clients, industry peers or the local community and beyond. Read more>>

McKenna Hansen | Wool Fiber Artist

Hi! My name is McKenna Hansen, and I am the creator of Felt Cute. My business specializes in needle felted baby toys and mobiles. My product is made from 100% real sheep wool, which is an incredibly eco-friendly source. A sheep’s wool is the fluffy coat of fleece that sheep grow on their body. Regularly it is sheared, in order to avoid it from become matted, heavy, and hot. Regularly shearing is necessary care for sheep as it reduces overheating, disease (caused by dirty wool that could be ingested by baby lambs during feedings), blindness (as they are unable to see because of the amount of wool they have), and rigging (which is when sheep become caught on things or stuck on their backs, which can even make them vulnerable to predators). Read more>>

Brandy Pierce | Entrepreneur

The Repurposing Diva manages the re-homing of items that have outlasted their stay in one home but have plenty of life left for another. I’ve sold everything from Nike Air Jordan’s to furniture, vehicles and, of all things, a golf cart as well as many other things in between! I like to think this offers a chance for people to make a few bucks selling or save a few bucks buying; all while doing their bit for the environment by avoiding the time wastage and environmental impact of the traditional retail sales process. Read more>>

NIa Renee | Content Creator | Survivor Advocate | Chronic Illnesss Survivor | Author | Model

How To Love A Battered Woman was created to teach others how to love someone who has endured significant trauma in their lives. And in the process it also blossomed into teaching myself how to love the battered parts of me. Being able to be vulnerable on public platforms during a time where there is so much uncertainty and so much evil going on in the world has absolutely given me the opportunity to help the community of survivors. Read more>>

Ray Spencer | Real estate investor

We have created a solution, whereas , we’ve learn how to become a bank through private funding and providing homes to these who not not otherwise qualify through transition standards at a local bank. We provide homes and restore city’s and allow families to grow, build, and create a safe environment to live in and build generational wealth. Read more>>