We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Alexandra Grounds | Artist-Oil Painter

People make me happy. I am someone who hates being alone. I feel an immediate lack of creativity when I am not able to meet new people and bounce ideas off my friends. My paintings are all about humanity and the relationships we develop, so I inherently need those connections to be an artist. Read more>>

Jessica O’Connell | Creative Designer & Maker

When I make dreamcatchers, the creative process of building a one-of-a-kind piece of art for someone’s home makes me happy. Especially when that dreamcatcher can be made using a customer’s own vintage doily that holds sentimental value. It is exciting for me to take a vintage piece and turn into something new and functional. I love everything from browsing antique stores to find the most beautiful and unique doilies, and selecting coordinating and interesting fabrics and lace, to assembling it all and adding finishing touches. Enjoying the process and the time spent on each dreamcatcher makes this “business” a pleasure that is truly worth the outcome knowing that someone is going to have a uniquely special item in their home to bring them joy for years to come. Read more>>

Camille Bruya | Student Photographer

So many things make me happy, it’s hard to choose! But I think what makes me happiest is seeing and experiencing others’ happiness, especially my loved ones. And if I can make others happy with my photographic work, than I think that’s the best thing of all; that my work is able to impact others in such a positive way is such a gift, whether it’s giving a family photos that will hang in their home and be treasured for years after, or capturing images of my own friends and myself together to remind us how strong our bonds are – photography is such a powerful tool used in capturing and generating happiness. Read more>>