Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Lexy Romano | Founder & Host

I came up with Phx Finds after moving to Phoenix from New York City. When I first came here I thought that nowhere could have the kind of energy and excitement that city-life in NYC does. However, when I started discovering new and cool local spots around town I genuinely thought to myself, does everyone know how cool Phoenix is? With that inspiration and desire to share these gems I was finding, my husband suggested that I start a show where I highlight local hot spots around town. I have since branched out to include businesses of all kinds, everything from bars & restaurants to car care shops and dentists offices! At Phx Finds we want you to know how many amazing local businesses we have right here in the valley. Read more>>

Bryce Cherven | Pastry Chef & Owner

Pastry Unicorn was born when it was out of circumstance. When I was in my final stages in culinary school I took a Portfolio-building class, and in order to graduate we had to create business cards to hand out to potential employers and industry professionals. Our instructor told the class we couldn’t officially call ourselves chefs yet, so most of the class ended up somewhere in the title realm of “culinarian”. I went for something a little less traditional and “Pastry Unicorn” was born, In March 2020 I was laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I had always known I wanted to start my own company someday so when the opportunity presented itself I decided to take the leap into entrepreneurship. Read more>>

John Slattery | Bioregional Herbalist, Author, Forager, Owner & Desert Forager

In short, it sprang from my experiences spending a great deal of time with plants in the wild, working with them energetically, gathering them to make medicine, and listening deeply as I went about this work. The path was something I found, or did it find me? I believe it’s at least 50% the latter, if not more. Many years ago, I stepped away from this world we live in, the US, and I walked into a great abyss…headed south. I was following an internal compass, but the directions weren’t specified as one would expect – North, East, South, West – but they morphed and changed fluidly causing me to hone in on my internal navigation system, to listen deeply and to follow my heart, even when the message stood against reason, my entire life’s experience, the views of others around me, or any other convention you could imagine. But the re-direction toward the internal was one directed by a theme of self-love and embracing who I am. Read more>>