Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Seth Brown | Singer/Songwriter, Storyteller & Entertainer

After working dozens of jobs of all kinds in many different cities and towns across the US, and after spending years working overseas in different industries, it finally dawned on me that I had always held only one passion through all my years and experience. At age 33 the same passion and excitement for creating original content and sharing it with the world still burned in me as hot as ever. I finally accepted that I would never truly be fulfilled until I was providing for myself and my family with my creative abilities. I realized I would never be satisfied until my passion could also provide my provision. Read more>>

Sanny Lai | IT Auditor by day | Cookier by night

Growing up, I have always had an interest in arts and crafts whether it was a handmade stationary set or homemade treats made in our kitchen. Throughout my childhood, I tried almost every craft related hobby; I got into baking, sewing, knitting, cross-stitching, scrapbooking, painting, drawing, laser cutting wood/glass, and the list goes on. As I got older, I kept my interest in handmade crafts and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects but had to put most of it aside until I finished school. Fast-forward into my post-college career, I started working full-time for a corporate company and realized I had no other hobbies except for working, eating, and sleeping. I began to pick up all of my old crafting and DIY projects again and started picking up 2 new hobbies: Read more>>

Ruth DeGroff Piñón | Business Owner

I believe that art chose me. I never in a million years would have thought myself as an artisan, just never. I was into guns, watching COPS and I was on my way to being a police officer. I never saw myself doing anything else so me being here is just so incredible. I still question and wonder many many things but the one thing I do not question is how much I love creating a candle from scratch. I love being a small business owner and I love what I do! So much peace came out of being curious and now I get to do this for a living? It is just like the saying goes when adopting an animal “who rescued who?” I truly believe the same concept applies here. I stumbled into something that literally healed me. Read more>>

Jada Lanai | Actress & Model

I pursued a creative career, because I love to perform and entertain people. It’s so fun, to be able to sing, dance, act, write etc. With acting, I can become a different person and living in that character, gives me a rush of excitement, it’s an amazing feeling. Singing is so fun to do, because I can express my feelings through a song and I love dancing because I feel free with the moves, it makes me happy. Writing is the best thing because I can create a story about anything. Read more>>

Brandon Lima | Creative & Artist

I chose to pursue a creative career for many reasons. I’d say the primary reason is just the diversity of it. I’m not stuck just doing one thing or providing one service. I’m completely limitless in what I can make and do. I can go from painting a canvas, to making a custom shoe, or picking up my power tools and make a mirror, and even teaming up with other local business’s. There’s really no limit to the opportunities! Read more>>

Rita Nelson-Dickey | Hairstylist

I decided to pursue a creative career at a very early age. I was never meant to be in a box, in an office. I crave the freedom of owning my own business but not be dragged down by it. I knew I wanted to make people feel good about themselves. So when they wake up they can have positive outlook on their life. I didn’t know at a young age that hair simply makes people happy. I have turned that into a successful career. I also wanted a career that was ever changing, challenging, and fulfilling. Hair is constantly giving and taking. Read more>>

Marisa Leslie | Owner & Artisan

I absolutely love this question as art is something I am intensely passionate about and could discuss at nauseum! For me, the pursuit to establish a career centered in creativity, was more than the regurgitated advice of “finding a job you enjoy, so that you never work a day in your life”. Art is subjective and limitless. It can be a pleasant pastime, or a plethora of professions. It is therapeutic. As a small business it offers flexibility in all facets. You can build an empire on something as cost effective and small as stickers, or as intricate as carved marble statues. There is total freedom and potential in this field. Read more>>

Ca’Sohn Grant | Videographer, Event Host, Audio Engineer, Music Artist, Entrepreneur, CEO

I chose to pursue this field of work because I believe it is one of the truest forms or self expression. Being able to bring what people imagine in their heads to life is one of the best feelings. I’ve always been a problem solver so finding a career that allows me to constantly figure out new avenues and tests my limits always keeps me busy. Whether it be figuring out the best shots to use in a business promotion video or finding the next venue for our events. It’s always something new and exciting around the corner and everyday brings something new to look forward to. Read more>>

Zushka Biros | Artist, Photographer, Model

My creative career chose me. I believe that when something becomes bigger than everything else in your life, like an endeavor into the arts, you have to run with it. It’s obviously staring you in the face for a reason. Even if I fail with it, I had to take the chance and let whatever art that’s in me, come out. Read more>>