It takes a lot more than an idea to build a business, but there can’t be a business without the idea. So we asked folks who’ve built wonderful businesses to tell us about how they came up with the idea in the first place.

Amy Ibarra | Food artist

My youngest son and boyfriend. Their love for pickles and cheese is an understatement. So I tried making both since I love to create anything that has to do with food. Read more>>

Stephanie Scales | Wellness Coach/A GIRL FROM THE HOOD WHO DECIDED TO GO VEGAN

Plantbawdy started off as an alter ego name that I gave to myself. Throughout my journey as vegan (and now raw vegan), my family and those who follow me on social media, have watched me not only mentally evolve but physically as well. Initially, I dropped close to 30lbs after my first 30 days vegan. I was swimming in my clothes, everything was too big. So, of course, everyone noticed that my body was changing and I remember saying to someone, this is a “PlantBAWDY”. Read more>>

Eboni McDonald | Owner & baker/decorator of Melodic Treats

I started baking as a hobby…only baking cakes for family and friends. At some point, people started saying how I should start selling my sweets. From there, I began taking classes at Michaels and studying various techniques from YouTube and other internet sites and boom, Melodic Treats was born! I’m had the support of my family and a friend who was also a baker/cake decorator. Read more>>

Kitty Carlisle | Editor and Writer

I have loved reading ever since I can remember and I don’t recall a time when I wasn’t writing something – mostly poems and short stories when I was younger. When I finally had the chance to go to college (later in life), I focused at first on a business degree because I felt strongly about going into business for myself. As I continued my higher education, my goals changed slightly and, though I still knew I wanted to work for myself, I saw a career path that would allow me to do what I love most: read and write. Read more>>

Jada Calaman | Jada Calaman | CookNWithJada

Originally I started out just making Seafood Boils for my friends and family. Eventually I was able to perfect my craft and start selling to the public. I really enjoy connecting with people over food, because through food we are able to share our culture and heritage. Me selling plates of Seafood Boils opened up a new path to so much more, including introducing my culture to all my followers and friends. I haven’t seen much Puerto Rican food in Arizona, although I’ve heard of some to be in Phoenix. I started introducing my small business by popping up at local pop ups in Tucson, and participating in any giveaways I could. I wanted to make all my favorite Puerto Rican dishes become your favorite dishes. Slowly but surely I’ve gained so many great customers of which many have become great friends! Read more>>

Brittany Britt | Photographer – The Lens Element

After 10+ years of working for a company supervising a call center, becoming a wife and mother, it was time to have something for me. I’ve always been into photography although during my younger years I was mostly on the other side of the camera as a model. For my 32nd birthday, I asked for a camera and my husband delivered. I shadowed other photographers to learn how to use the camera and found myself in my own element, doing something I love. As I began taking photos of my own children/family and posting them on social media, people began to reach out and ask for their .photos to be captured as well. During the beginning stages, I had the most fun picking out the lenses for the camera and that’s how this mompreneur created The Lens Element. In my own element, with a Lens. Read more>>

Adam Pezold | Rare Coin Dealer

I started my business during the summer of 2020. I have been collecting coins for several years, and I had a friend reach out to me asking if I knew where he could purchase some gold and silver. After sourcing the product, I made him an offer and the deal was eventually completed. Through this experience, I realized that there was a large demand for precious metals, and I began to complete more sales and make new connections in the industry. Read more>>